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Altair offers air charters and transfers using three Cessna 206's and a Piper Navajo which is a twin engine aircraft.

The flying is done with four experienced pilots, all of whom are professionally trained to Commercial Pilot standards with Instrument ratings. The operation is small and we try to maintain a personal, quiet and professional service. We like to meet all clients as they arrive off their international flights (day time) and escort them through the formalities; likewise on their return, we escort them through the booking in.

We will fly within Zimbabwe to all areas, including the remoter parts of the Zambezi Valley and the South-East Lowveld.  We also fly regionally to Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and Namibia. Within reason, pilots can stay with aircraft during a charter, for a few days at a time. We concentrate on private charters, though do entertain a certain amount of seat rate flying in the peak season to contain fees.

The aircraft are maintained to top standards and are kept in excellent condition.

Missed connections and changed flight details are understood and we will do our utmost to accommodate these problems.

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Helen Richards - client of Expert Africa, UK 3 October 2019
Expert Africa reports that its travellers recently flew with Altair - Mrs Helen Richards x 2. Overall, they voted their flight with Altair as: Excellent. When asked for their own detailed feedback, they commented: Excellent.
Melanie Rivers, United Kingdom 2 October 2019
My partner and I flew from Victoria Falls to Mana Pools in August. We requested, through our travel agent, a morning flight there and an afternoon flight returning 4 days later. Our flight to Mana Pools did not touch down until 6pm missing our scheduled afternoon safari activities. On the last night we were told of the 8:30am flight back to Victoria Falls so we missed out on our full morning activities. All other guests arrived at lunchtime, enjoying afternoon activities, leaving after their morning activities on their last day - Altair's scheduling cut two of our paid for activities everyone else experienced. The flight did not arrive. Another plane arrived half an hour later and they crammed onto this flight. As I was "smallest" I had to sit in the back with the luggage. This was extremely uncomfortable (legs are at a 45 degree angle), there is no shade from the sun so I had to sit holding my shirt above my head for 40 minutes with no air flow making it extremely hot and stuffy. When we next touched down I felt faint and sick. The pilot who apologised, giving me a sunshield to hold over my head. I spent the next two hours with my arms in the air holding it up to stop it blowing into the back of the plane. The bags fell on me when the plane turned and hurt me. When two passengers got out at Hwange I moved to another seat to Victoria Falls. My shoulders and neck were painful from holding my arms in the air for hours and my lower back and hips were painful from the angle they had been crammed in at. We paid a lot of money for this flight. Altair's schedules robbed us of a quarter of our safari activities. The flight back to Victoria Falls was completely unacceptable. I would not recommend this company under any circumstances. We contacted Altair to complain but they never bothered to reply. If you have a choice, use a more reliable company. I appreciate constructive criticism, but I believe that complaints from either party should be directed through the Agent or Consultant. I sent my response to this complaint to the Agent concerned, who did not pass it on to the clients. I appreciate their complaint and apologize for flights that did not match their expectations. We had a mechanical breakdown with one aircraft on that day and had to find a sub-charter at very short notice when clients were already in the Departures Hall. This impacted on the Jones' flight and delayed their departure. Though their arrival at Mana Pools was later than expected, I know that Safari Companies use the drive from the airstrip as a game drive. Our standard collection time from Camps is at 09:00 to ensure clients are delivered for international flight connections, though in the hotter months I push this to 08:00. Again, I know that Camps use the drive to the airstrip as a game drive. On their departure day they were supposed to meet the pilot at 08:40 for take off at 09:00. There were two other passengers on the same flight and it seems as if Melanie being the smallest, for safety reasons and the Centre of Gravity, was placed in the rearmost seat. I apologize; not everyone can be put into the front seat and we have to keep safety at the top of our list as far as loading goes. This is why the size and weight of luggage is so important and it is limited so that it can be packed into the cargo pod. Obviously some bags were too big and had to be put on the spare rear seat reducing space for the rearmost passenger. There is always the option for clients to take a private charter which of course comes at a fee, where (within reason) they have more chance to fly when they want and on their own. This option should be offered to clients by their Agent. I am sorry these clients have not been happy with my service; it does seem as if there has been information not passed on, which is beyond my control. Altair Charters.
Victoria Austin, United Kingdom 5 August 2019
I flew twice with Altair in July 2019. From Vic falls to Mana Pools and from Mana Pools to Harare. What a completely different experience to last year flying the same routes with a competitor. Altair's schedules were spot on, the aeroplane (Piper) in fabulous condition and the flights fantastic. I was the only one on the flight to Mana Pools. Adam, my pilot, was friendly, professional and a pleasure to fly with. Despite the glitch of landing at Mana West instead of the scheduled Mana Main (Adam was only advised Mana Main was closed when flying over Kariba!), I was comfortable and relaxed throughout. The change of flight plan didn't phase Adam, he waited with me for my transfer to John's camp to arrive before heading off. Both flights were an absolute delight and I would fly Altair again, and again, and again. I definitely recommend this company for any charter flight. 10 out of 10 for customer experience.
Jane Adlington, Australia 2 October 2015
We flew twice with Altair in September 2015 - from Harare to Mana Pools and then from Mana Pools to Victoria Falls. I cannot recommend Altair highly enough - during the booking process all communication was clear and efficient. When it came to flying, everything was a breeze. The schedules were stuck to, the planes were well maintained, the pilot was always pleasant and the flights were smooth and uneventful. I would have no hesitation in flying Altair again and in recommending them to potential clients.
Michael Baddeley, Canada 7 September 2015
Altair met and flew us from Harare International Airport to Kariba and then from Mana Pools to Harare. The support team and pilots were really friendly, professional and hospitable. The whole operation ran like fine Swiss clockwork. The flights, take offs and landings were superb. As a normally rather nervous flyer I cannot recommend more highly this superb operation. Thank you guys. You certainly reflect well all that is great about a vacation in Zimbabwe.
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