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Cruising in Paradise on Lake Kariba: the perfect holiday 4 March 2019 Wild Zambezi No comments yet

Picture the scene: you are relaxing on the deck of one of Lake Kariba s sleep-aboard safari cruiseboats with a drink in hand and not a care in the world. A golden sun sinks below the horizon of silken water, the massive sky grows crimson, cormorants settle in the black silhouettes of the trees. The air is warm. A fish-eagle s haunting cry pierc...

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States of Mind 3 March 2019 Lizzie Williams for Travel Africa No comments yet

Having travelled extensively for more than 25 years in 21 African countries, guide book author Lizzie Williams has enjoyed a full range of experiences. Above all, she’s learnt some secrets for getting the best out of Africa, and they’re largely a question of attitude. Here’s her advice to help you prepare for your next safari. ...

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11 Reasons to Book a Stay on Chundu Island 3 March 2019 Chundu Island

1. A bit of beach, a bit of bush Those looking to enjoy an African adventure holiday that incorporates both beach and bush vibes will be in their element on Chundu Island. Step out of your river suite and onto a fine white-sand beach, or cross the Zambezi River with a canoe and discover the vast Zambezi National Park. Chundu Island, as a holiday ...

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Kariba Safari Lodge, introducing the WOW factor 5 February 2019 Wild Zambezi No comments yet

The little town of Kariba nestles against hills flanking the famous gorge where the waters of the Zambezi River were captured in the late 1950s, forming the biggest man-made lake in the world (at the time). It s a beautiful location - with spectacular views over Zimbabwe s inland sea , and all the tourism potential of a Zimbabwean Riviera . ...

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Zimbabwe's Wild Dogs/Painted Wolves: a focus of tourism and conservation 4 February 2019 Wild Zambezi No comments yet

Sir David Attenborough s latest BBC Dynasties series released in December 2018 is captivating audiences all over the world. None more so than the episode featuring the painted wolves in Mana Pools National Park. The beautifully-filmed story of Blacktip and “Tammy” and their packs filmed right here on location along the...

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20 years on: The Unsung Heroes of VFAPU (The Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit) 31 January 2019 Africa Albida Tourism - Tyla Crabbe & Marianne Betts No comments yet

Victoria Falls has 17 unsung heroes, who risk their lives daily, often in the searing heat and without adequate resources, patrolling the bush to protect the region’s precious wildlife and trees. The Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit (VFAPU), which celebrated its 20th anniversary this month, has had a major impact – each year, ...

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What is it really like on the ground in Zimbabwe, right now? 29 January 2019 Shelley Cox for TRAVEL AFRICA - February 2019 One comment

Anyone with half an eye on the news will know the political and economic situation in Zimbabwe is unsettled. If you are thinking about visiting Zimbabwe soon, or have a trip planned, you may be wondering whether it is safe to travel and how your travel experience might be affected. In these situations we always advocate seeking local input and advi...

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Staff at Imvelo Safari Lodges - some uplifting stories 29 January 2019 Imvelo Safari Lodges No comments yet

Imvelo Safari Lodges, who own and operate Gorges Lodge (and Little Gorges), Zambezi Sands River Camp and a group of properties in Hwange National Park, have some heart-warming stories to share about some of their talented employees, who have grabbed every opportunity given to them and have really succeeded! The smiles on the faces of our staff ...

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Zimbabwe's bold entry into the high-end luxury safari arena in Southern Africa 15 January 2019 Luke Brown, VAYENI No comments yet

Luke Brown of Vayeni, acknowledges Zimbabwe’s bold entry into the high-end luxury safari arena in southern Africa. He further discusses whether it has the staying power to sustain its new position and indeed grow its offering in this very rewarding yet competitive tourism genre. THE BACKGROUND Until now, Zimbabwe has been known in t...

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Spare a thought for those protecting the Zambezi's wild areas 7 January 2019 Wild Zambezi

It s the end of yet another year and the beginning of a new one and the cycle of life in the Zambezi Valley s wild areas goes round once again. The rainy season brings a refreshing regeneration. The vegetation becomes thick and green and juicy grasses sprout from where there was previously bare earth. Suddenly there is an abundance of fo...

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