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Your home away from home in Victoria Falls 3 November 2019 Wild Zambezi No comments yet

Wild Zambezi recently had the opportunity to overnight in Victoria Falls at the truly delightful self-catering “Your Vic Falls Home”. What a pleasure! Owned by the Jackson family, this lovely double-storey property set in mature woodland in one of the long-established suburbs of Victoria Falls town, has been converted into a ...

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10 facts about the annual Kariba Invitation Tiger Fishing Tournament (KITFT) 2 November 2019 Changa Safari Camp (with additions by Wild Zambezi) No comments yet

It’s that much anticipated time of the year again when Lake Kariba goes tiger fish crazy! This year s event took place 30th, 31st October and 1st November 2019. 69 teams of keen anglers from all over the world registered to participate in the Kariba Invitation Tiger Fish Tournament (KITFT). The winners by a long way were the team HARD ...

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The Siduli Hide: A fly-on-the-wall view of wildlife in Victoria Falls 1 November 2019 Africa Albida Tourism - Sarah Kerr (photographs), Marianne Betts &Tyla Crabbe No comments yet

Victoria Falls has a hidden treasure, so hidden the wildlife doesn’t even really know it’s there – it is a unique hide on the edge of Victoria Falls Safari Lodge’s well-known waterhole. Siduli Hide was designed to look like a termite mound, concealing onlookers inside it, as they watch wild animals in the Zambezi Na...

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Family Holidays on Lake Kariba at Musango Safari Camp 30 October 2019 Musango Safari Camp No comments yet

For many of us, some of our fondest childhood memories are the holidays taken as a family. There’s nothing quite like planning and packing together for an adventure in another country, where the routine and responsibility of home is replaced by thrilling moments that become long-lasting family memories. Africa undoubtedly offers some...

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Wild dogs settle into new home at Chikwenya 20 October 2019 Joe Hanly for Wilderness Safaris No comments yet

Wilderness Safaris report on a successful operation to move a wild dog pack from Hwange National Park to Chikwenya Camp in Mana Pools National Park. A life-changing journey for the Mpindo wild dog pack entered its final stage as the dogs were successfully transported from the Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) Centre in Hwange to their new ho...

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Mana Pools late dry season - what are you really seeing? 11 October 2019 Dick Pitman One comment

During the late dry season, when tourism is at its peak, the camps and lodges in Mana Pools are packed, and there are vehicles and people tearing about the place, on and off-road. Not for nothing has the Circular Drive been nicknamed the racetrack by older Mana hands. It s a nightmare for anyone with any sense of wilderness values. But how ma...

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Say no to plastic - Wild Horizons sets an example 9 October 2019 Wild Horizons No comments yet

The world is facing a plastic problem, and it is snowballing- but so is awareness and determination to halt the crisis in its tracks. Wild Horizons (who operate tours and activities in Victoria Falls) and own three lodges, several cruiseboats and the Lookout Café in the area, have several strategies in place, and all of these have seen ...

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Rod and Reel - fishing on Lake Kariba 30 September 2019 Musango Safari Camp No comments yet

Lake Kariba, created by the damming of the mighty Zambezi River in the 1950s, is still the largest man-made lake, by volume, in the world, extending some 280 kms in length and over 5000 km in area. This is twice the size of Wales. The Zambezi River, below Victoria Falls, is home to many species of fish, such as bream, catfish, Cornish jack, bo...

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Fishing the Zambezi: where to catch the action 6 September 2019 Wild Zambezi No comments yet

As the hot spring months turn to summer in September, October and November, sport-fishing along the Zambezi River is at its best - especially for those wanting to pit their strength and skill against the fierce-fighting African Tigerfish. Zimbabwe s wonderful, wild stretches of this river (including where it is dammed at Lake Ka...

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The controversial issue of WiFi in safari camps. 6 September 2019 Africa Travel Resource (ATR) - in summary No comments yet

Wild Zambezi was delighted to read an excellent Blog by the team from Africa Travel Resource (ATR) which addresses the Pros and Cons of Wi-Fi in safari camps. You can find a link to the whole article at the bottom of this page, but we have summarised a few of the pertinent points below:- ATR reckons that over the last 30 years, they h...

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