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Heading to the bush to learn about oneself - a trip to Chirundu with Zambezi Valley Safaris 8 July 2019 Mana Brightman - Off 2 Africa No comments yet

In early July, I snuck away from Harare’s hum of belching generators and the endless lines of desperate fuel queues to a much-needed breathe of fresh air at Zambezi Valley Safaris Chirundu Safari Lodge and Tamarind Tented Camp. It’s funny how as soon as you settled down for a road-trip with a good book in hand and gaze out o...

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Kariba to Bumi - The Perfect Glide 27 May 2019 Wild Zambezi No comments yet

So imagine this…. Two veteran glider pilots take off from Harare heading to Kariba in the crisp early morning of 17th May 2019 in a beautiful, white, long-winged Lambada motor-glider. The owner of this magnificent aircraft is about to achieve a life-long dream. Peter Wienand, (right) wants to glide right across Lake Ka...

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FEATURE: Safari options in Mana Pools - April 2019 27 April 2019 Wild Zambezi No comments yet

In this blog we feature the Safari Camps in Mana Pools National Park. Check out the links provided below for more information about these wonderful destinations in one of the wildest places in Africa. MANA POOLS AREA - SAFARI CAMPS Mana Pools National Park lies within a vast World Heritage Site covering the Zimbabwean side of the Midd...

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Taking the Kids on Safari 27 April 2019 Emma Dawes, Off2Africa No comments yet

Taking the kids on safari can be daunting for some parents, but it really doesn’t have to be! At Off2Africa, we’ve come up with a few pointers to keep in mind when travelling with kids of all ages, as we wouldn’t want you to travel all the way over only to feel unequipped and overwhelmed in the bush. What to think about? ...

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The Villa under the Baobab 25 April 2019 Sally Wynn, Wild Zambezi No comments yet

If you’re visiting Victoria Falls with family or close friends, and, like me, you prefer the flexibility of private accommodation to a hotel environment, then here’s a place that you won’t be able to resist. The Vic Falls Villa is well… possibly more of a large house than a villa – but here’s the thing&hell...

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Imbabala Lodge - a Zambezi "hidden gem" 7 April 2019 Sally Wynn, Wild Zambezi No comments yet

I had previously visited the lovely Imbabala Lodge briefly in February 2013 (without overnighting) and had VERY favourable impressions. I was therefore delighted to find this delightful safari lodge little changed in the intervening 6 years, apart from some soft-furnishing modernisation of the interiors, and the addition of the spa and the more ex...

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3 Fallacies and 1 Home Truth about self-drive in Zimbabwe 6 April 2019 Ant Bown, One comment

For many, Zimbabwe remains the final frontier for Self-Drive. With Botswana and Namibia approaching capacity, Zimbabwe presents a diverse and wild alternative for the more adventurous. There are some specific challenges that remain. My view is that most self-drivers over-estimate the severity of these challenges and are put off far too easily. ...

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Making the most of taking photographs at Mana Pools 25 March 2019 Brian Petit for Zambezi Cruise & Safaris No comments yet

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a National Park, Mana Pools is rightly famed for its wildlife populations. The photographability of its wildlife is subject to a number of factors. Some you can control to some degree or other. Others you are stuck with and have to make the most of, or circumvent, as the case may be. A lone Elephant bul...

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The Fisherman's Debate 19 March 2019 Changa Safari Camp No comments yet

To use a sinker or a float, to wear sunscreen or not, to dhoba dhoba ( the colloquial Shona term for “drop shotting” or fishing basically straight down under the boat) or not – these are just a few of the many questions’ fishermen asks themselves when fishing on Lake Kariba. When it comes to fishing types, there ar...

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Cruising in Paradise on Lake Kariba: the perfect holiday 4 March 2019 Wild Zambezi No comments yet

Picture the scene: you are relaxing on the deck of one of Lake Kariba s sleep-aboard safari cruiseboats with a drink in hand and not a care in the world. A golden sun sinks below the horizon of silken water, the massive sky grows crimson, cormorants settle in the black silhouettes of the trees. The air is warm. A fish-eagle s haunting cry pierc...

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