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Citizens of  most Southern African (SADC) countries (including South Africa) do not require visas to enter Zimbabwe.  Other passport holders do need visas, which can usually be purchased at your point of entry. Be patient when dealing with officialdom at entry points. Expect delays.

Canadian passports: Single entry only: US$75

British and Irish passports:Single entry: US$55 (or equivalent in SARands or Pounds); Double entry:  US$$70.

Other passports (USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand).  Single entry US$30 (or equivalent in SA Rands or Pounds); Double entry US$45 (or equivalent). 

For more detailed information about visas and costs for Zimbabwe see this Wild link:


or the Zimbabwe immigration website visa link

Note that citizens of some countries (Category C) need to apply for visas in advance.  They can do this online at or at the nearest Zimbabwean Embassy

KAZA UNI-VISA:   This very useful visa allows visitors to stay in either Zimbabwe or Zambia (or both) for up to 30 days for a single payment of US$50.   This saves time and money and enables much easier travel between the two countries (e.g. at Victoria Falls/Livingstone). It also covers people who want to enter Botswana for day-trips from Victoria Falls through the Kazangula border.   The KAZA Uni-visa is available on request at Harare, Lusaka, Victoria Falls and Livingstone ports of entry in Zimbabwe and Zambia. 



The main airport points of entry into Zimbabwe for visitors are at Harare, Victoria Falls and Bulawayo International Airports.

Access by road is via borderposts at Beitbridge (from South Africa), Plumtree or Kasane (from Botswana), Kazangula (from Zambia & Botswana), Victoria Falls, Kariba Dam and Chirundu (from Zambia), Mutare and Nyamapanda (from Mozambique).

The road borderposts in the Zambezi area are open at the following times:

Victoria Falls Bridge:  6.00a.m. - 10.00p.m.
Kariba Dam: 6.00a.m. - 8.00 p.m.
Chirundu Bridge: 6.00a.m. - 6.00 p.m

Be careful not to arrive just before closing time. You may not be allowed through, even if there are still some minutes to go.

If you require some assistance in getting through borderposts at Beitbridge or Kariba Dam, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority has representatives who will assist (during working hours).  Contact them in advance as follows:-

ZTA Beitbridge:- 
Area Manager: Bertha Mutowembwa
Marketing Executive:  Lindarose Ntuli
Tel +263 286 23640/1/2/3
PLEASE NOTE that this assistance is NOT a 24-hour service.  The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority staff at Beitbridge work to ordinary office hours (8.00a.m. – 4.00p.m. Monday – Friday).  They are not available outside these hours nor at weekends.

Comments (2)

Is the Pandamatenga border post no longer open? I don't see it mentioned and we are hoping to use it later in June 2018. Best regards

Joanna Wright 7 June 2018
This borderpost is indeed still open and is a very quiet place to enter Zimbabwe. The only reason that it isn't referred to in our Travel Advice on is that it is in the Hwange area which is outside our area of focus (we are exclusively focused on the wild areas of the Zambezi River). But it's quite fine and a good choice for entry. Good luck and have a wonderful time! WILD ZAMBEZI

Can I purchase a Kaza visa upon my entry into Zimbabwe from Kasane Botswana?

Robert Peterson30 May 2018
Hi Robert. Yes, we believe you can at the moment (May 2018). Wild Zambezi.

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