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Vultures: cute and cuddly they are not, but they need protection 30 October 2016 Sally Wynn-Pitman No comments yet

Vultures may not be to everyone’s taste (so to speak). Like hyenas, they are scavengers, and so get bad press. But actually, they are vital to ensuring the on-going health of wild ecosystems. The stomach acid of vultures is exceptionally corrosive, allowing it to safely digest putrid carcasses infected with various types of bacteria...

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Cruising Lake Kariba out of Victoria Falls 9 October 2016 Wild Zambezi No comments yet

It has long been a frustration for those of us promoting The Zambezi’s wonderful wild areas, that access between Victoria Falls and the wilderness of Lake Kariba is not easy. This has meant that many visitors have simply missed out on Zimbabwe’s magnificent “inland sea”. Well... at last there is a solution! Zambezi Cr...

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Air Zimbabwe flies Wild Zambezi to Victoria Falls - our impressions of the flight and the airport 6 October 2016 Wild Zambezi No comments yet

Wild Zambezi would like to thank Air Zimbabwe for hosting us in September on board their MA60 aircraft for a return flight between Harare and Victoria Falls. Check in went smoothly at Harare Domestic Airport. Remember to pay your Departure Tax for domestic flights beforehand, and note that, depending on the size of the aircraft, your hand lug...

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Travel Advice for Motorists visiting Zimbabwe - Aug 2016 4 October 2016 Big Sky Supplies (Pvt. Ltd), Harare, Zimbabwe No comments yet

These guidelines are intended for the general motoring public visiting Zimbabwe. Although we refer to Beitbridge and South African visitors, the information applies generally for all of our neighbours. See footnote for further reference sources. BORDER INFORMATION: Entering Zimbabwe: In a nutshell on arrival you will pay the Bridge Toll, go...

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A River Adventure with Natureways Safaris 27 September 2016 Words and photographs by Melissa Wynn No comments yet

As a five year old growing up in Zimbabwe, I remember my parents showing me photo-slides from their amazing experiences canoeing with friends along the Zambezi River. I decided then, that one day when I was older I would jump into a canoe and do just that. 22 years later, after countless memories seeing the great Zambezi from the banks of Zimba...

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History of Ruckomechi Camp, as told by Wilderness Safaris 10 September 2016 Wilderness Safaris No comments yet

To mark the occasion of the complete refurbishment of Ruckomechi Camp in Mana Pools (pictured), with its new Little Ruckomechi Tented Camp, Wilderness Safaris have written a delightful Historical Blog outlining the history of the Camp. The text and some of the pictures are included below. RUCKOMECHI THEN AND NOW “If I wrote a book a...

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A Guide to Ethical Wildlife Photography 1 May 2016 Adapted by Wild Zambezi from an article for Conservation India by Shekar Dattatri and Ramki Sreenivasan No comments yet

Every nature photographer should willingly and happily follow this simple credo – even when no one else is watching. This is not hard to do, and for those with a genuine love for nature, or even just a conscience, it should be second nature. Unfortunately, thanks to the vast numbers of people who now own high-end photography eq...

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Information for self-drivers visiting Mana Pools for the first time 15 April 2016 Trevor Beckett (via Friends of Mana Pools Facebook Group) No comments yet

MANA POOLS GENERAL INFO AND HINTS Some information for those of you who are first-timers to Mana Pools. Those of you who have been before... please feel free to add comments and extra info if you want. Thank you. TRAVEL: When travelling from SA most will try to avoid the Beitbridge border and go through Botswana. But the last two t...

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Water and the Wild 30 March 2016 Kimberly Krusell, Honu Travel, LLC, Hawaii No comments yet

Water, one of our planet’s most essential and inspiring elements has drawn us into nature and to each other for millennia. It is, in fact, what draws many first time visitors to Zimbabwe as they arrive to gaze upon the iconic, world famous Victoria Falls. Here, countless curtains of cascades tumble down precipitous gorges into churning po...

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Meandering in Magical Mana 15 February 2016 Jo Brown, No comments yet

Fed up with being stuck in the office, we decided to visit a few of Zimbabwe’s National Parks last month. We opted for Mana Pools as our first stop, a place we had not found time to visit for the last 3 years. Unforgiveable ! The lodges in Mana are booked through the National Parks office in Harare - (see ZimParks) Zimparks are i...

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