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TRAVEL ADVICE FOR SELF-DRIVERS: Tackling the remote "Back Route": Victoria Falls/Hwange to Kariba/Mana Pools 2 May 2017 Wild Zambezi 2 comments

Wild Zambezi has many requests from self-drive visitors to Zimbabwe about the road network linking Victoria Falls Hwange with Kariba Town or Mana Pools, along the southern edge of Lake Kariba. We always warn that this route is for adventurous, self-sufficient travellers ONLY. Here are some tips:- ROAD CONDITIONS: This is a...

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Passion: the key to Conservation success 27 April 2017 Bumi Hills Foundation No comments yet

It is early March and an average start to the day for the Anti-Poaching scouts at the Bumi Hills Anti-Poaching Unit (BHAPU) as they head out before sunrise for our daily deployment. The rainy season has been good to us this year and as we bump along the muddy, broken-down stretch of road, rain drops continuously beating down on our backs and a...

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Spurwing Island Lodge: clearly a successful formula 5 April 2017 Wild Zambezi No comments yet

Tourism to Lake Kariba has had its ups and downs since Zimbabwe s vast inland sea was created on the Zambezi River in the late 1950s. After a mushrooming of lakeside fishing and safari lodges in the 1980s and 1990s, economic challenges in Zimbabwe since 2000 have seen many of these closing or struggling to attract business. Spurwing Islan...

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Where dinosaurs roamed: the Matusadona reveals its fossil treasures. 2 April 2017 Wild Zambezi One comment

It has long been known that the Zambezi Valley contains a rich treasure-trove of fossil remains hundreds of millions of years old, gradually being revealed by the erosive powers of water and weathering. In the area now flooded by Lake Kariba, the first really exciting find was in 1969, when the fossil remains of a large, sauropod dinosaur was d...

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The Rescue of Mr Bones, the Hyena 3 March 2017 Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust (KAWFT) One comment

Volunteers for the Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust (KAWFT), together with veterinarians from the AWARE Trust do incredible work assisting with animal welfare and conservation in and around the Kariba area. They do this in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority. Here are two wonderful success stories from early 20...

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Victoria Falls Safari Lodge properties and activities: a travel expert reports 6 February 2017 Gwen Wawn, Safaris 4 Africa

Gwen Wawn runs Safaris 4 Africa one of Zimbabwe s most experienced Destination Management companies. She and her team have been arranging holidays for international, regional and local visitors in and around Zimbabwe and the region for more years than she would like to remember! In this Blog, she updates us about Victoria Falls Safari Lodge and i...

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Disconnecting on Safari: Why we do it 31 January 2017 Wilderness Safaris No comments yet

According to “The Future 100: Trends for 2017” published by the J. Walter Thompson Intelligence’ Innovation Group, the technological revolution has produced two simultaneous trends that are both increasing, yet pulling in opposite directions: On the one hand, a desire to disconnect from the constant stream of information bombardin...

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Mana Pools in October - HOT (in the best sense) say Experience Africa Safaris 21 November 2016 Experience Africa Safaris (wildlife photographs courtesy of Jim Brown) No comments yet

After a long dry season and late rains, you expect Mana Pools to be hot. And it was. We found it both Hot in temperature but also very Hot with wildlife. We visited African Bush Camps newly minted Zambezi Expeditions Camp at their site on the Zambezi River and were rewarded with a sumptuous lunch and chilled G Ts. Tent under canvas, under sha...

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My Mana Pools - My Heritage 17 November 2016 Eddie Mudzimu, Wilderness Safaris (Photographs by Dana Allen) One comment

This Blog was written for Wilderness Safaris by Eddie Mudzimu, Assistant Camp Manager at Ruckomechi Camp. (Photographs by Dana Allen) Eddie was born in Kariba, Zimbabwe. After school, Eddie was recruited by a local hotel to train in various departments before rising up the ranks to the Group Relief Manager – a post he held for 12 years. ...

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Time to re-brand "Houseboats"? Help us do it. 31 October 2016 Wild Zambezi 4 comments

When you’re in the business of promoting travel to Southern Africa, and you’re trying to make people understand that there’s more to this part of the world than just Cape Town and the Victoria Falls, getting across the concept of a “houseboat” on Lake Kariba is sometimes a problem. The Southern Africans have no tr...

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