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Chilli gun helps protect Chirundu's elephants 6 April 2015 News 24 via The Chirundu Elephant Programme No comments yet

Conservationists in northern Zimbabwe are using a gun that blasts a burning solution of chilli pepper to keep elephants away from a busy town. On the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Chirundu provides a ready feast for elephants: heaps of badly-disposed-of food in rubbish dumps and next to houses, says Aaron Young, who is part of a pioneerin...

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Mana Pools in "The Rains" 28 February 2015 Dick Pitman, Zim4x4 One comment

A VISIT IN THE GREEN SEASON. ZIM4x4 made its customary rainy-season visit to Mana Pools early in January, and - unlike last year - we hit the sweet spot. Although it rained fairly constantly for our first 24hrs there, it then cleared up nicely. The sun came out and began to dry the roads, and soon we were able to get a good distance u...

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Vayeni's top Safari Camps & Lodges in Zimbabwe for 2014 21 January 2015 Luke Brown, Vayeni No comments yet

Wild Zambezi is delighted to see that Luke and Suzanne Brown from Vayeni have included no less than seven Wild Zambezi network partners in a 2014 list of their favourite 13 safari camps and lodges in Zimbabwe! Here are the relevant extracts from their article:- Zimbabwe is home to some of Africa’s top camps and lodges and now is a fanta...

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Assistance for self-drivers: list of Zimbabwe official fines for road traffic offences (updated Dec 2015) 7 December 2014 by 2 comments

Below is a list of OFFICIAL fines that guilty motorists must pay as far as Zimbabwe Government s Traffic Regulations are concerned. NOTE: (NOTE: Recent changes to this list announced in Dec 2015 have not been gazetting into law, so the list remains as at was in 2013. Where there might be uncertainties because of this situation, we have hig...

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The Victoria Falls - a unique ecosystem supports a unique flora 12 October 2014 Wild No comments yet

The Victoria Falls is a Natural Wonder of the World, not just because of its unique geology and location within the wildlife-rich Zambezi Valley. The “Smoke that Thunders” provides a unique environment for plants. There are nearly 150 tree/tall shrub species occurring in the area, plus over 50 shrub and 150 field/herb species. Toget...

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Supermoons & Baby Baboons 2 October 2014 Goliath Safaris No comments yet

News blog from Goliath Safaris, who operate a luxury tented camp on the banks of the Zambezi River. As the sun set swiftly in early August, the see-saw of astrology flung the full moon up over the opposite horizon with nearly a third more illusory size and luminance than is normal. Beaming through the boughs it didn’t disappoint and inde...

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The little pink hippo of Gache Gache 3 September 2014 Shearwater, Victoria Falls No comments yet

Any trip on the lower Zambezi and house-boating on Kariba is full of wonderful wildlife and adventure highlights. Generations of Shearwater canoe and rafting guides have plied their trade down the Zambezi River and its tributaries. Sometimes mysterious, always magnificent and occasionally menacing we believed over 32 years the river had shared with...

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Walks & White Storks 7 April 2014 by Goliath Safaris No comments yet

As one gets older, January and February seem to March into April, and May comes around a lot sooner than usual. This year has proven to be no exception and the pre-season preambles and preparations in Harare have once again rushed into the offices of Goliath and kicked our butts back into action. Stretch s off-season flurry of farming, yoga an...

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Seasons of the Southern African Bush 19 March 2014 Safaris 4 Africa No comments yet

Wild Zambezi is grateful to the Destination Management Company, Safaris 4 Africa, which has written this useful guide to the seasons in the Southern African bush. JANUARY: THE BUSH IS VERY ALIVE Spectacular afternoon thunderstorms. Temperatures warm - Daytime average 86F. Night time average 68F. Peak period for colourful migra...

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Advice for self-drivers in Southern Africa 28 December 2013 by from Tourism Update No comments yet

Self-drive through Southern Africa can be a rewarding experience as it allows travellers to truly connect with the region. It is therefore not surprising that the self-drive trend is steadily increasing in popularity. However, the road conditions and regulations can be an eye-opener for first-time travellers to the region. South African pu...

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