Air Zimbabwe

Kariba Town, Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe's national airline, Air Zimbabwe, offers "Zimbabwean hospitality in the skies".

International flights linking Harare with Johannesburg,  Lusaka, London (Gatwick) and Beijing

Flights within Zimbabwe linking
Harare with Bulawayo and Victoria Falls
Harare with Victoria Falls direct
Harare with Kariba and Victoria Falls 

Note:  Passengers travelling on Air Zimbabwe flights are required to pay their flight taxes in cash at the receipting offices at the airport of their departure.   Payments may be made in US$, Rand, Euro, Pula or GBPounds CASH.  The total charges per passenger are as follows:-

International departure:  US$50 (or equivalent)

Domestic departure:  US$15  (or equivalent)


UM322 - Depart Harare at 0930 arrive Victoria Falls 10.30  (every day except Saturday)
UM323 - Depart Victoria Falls 16.30 arrive Harare 17.30  (Mon – Friday)
UM326 - (via Bulawayo)  Depart Harare 0700 arrive Victoria Falls 0900 (Saturday only)
UM327 - (via Bulawayo) Depart Victoria Falls 1600 arrive Harare 1800  (Saturday and Sunday)

Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays:-
Depart Harare at 0930 arrive Kariba at 1020.
Depart Kariba at 1050 arrive Victoria Falls at 1210
Depart Victora Falls at 1400 arrive Kariba at 1520
Depart Kariba at 1550 arrive Harare at 1640
NOTE:  the flights into and out of Kariba can sometimes (although not always) be delayed or even cancelled if there are not enough passengers flying!  It is advisable to have a "Plan B" in case this occurs.

In addition to its offices in Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls, Air Zimbabwe also has offices in Kariba at the Nyamunga Business Centre.

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Reviews 7

Sonya MacMaster, Chawara Harbour Houseboats, Kariba, Zimbabwe 22 January 2015
It is SUCH a handy thing having the flights to and from Harare and lots of people have taken advantage of the new route and are happy. I flew to Harare from Kariba early December. Flight was on time, cabin crew were neat and friendly, flight was fine. But there were delays on the flight back. This week I was told there were no flight today as they are using the plane for another route! So, whilst the service at the airport and on board by Air Zimbabwe crew is good, the reliability still remains in question. They need to get this right.
Nick Milne, Chief Operations Officer, Bumi Hills Safari Lodge, Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe 22 January 2015
The Harare-Kariba-Vic Falls initiative is fantastic and so far it seems to have worked very well. It is affordable and flexible, and the schedule and times are good. It has certainly given Bumi Hills a substantial amount of business which we would otherwise not have had. We will be extending our flight-inclusive Special in partnership with Air Zimbabwe into 2015 and are happy to support Air Zimbabwe into the future on this one. REPLY from Chris Kwenda, Manager, Sales & Marketing, AIR ZIMBABWE. Air Zimbabwe took the conscious decision to fly to Kariba, knowing that it will take some time to develop that route. We are committed to honour our schedules as advised. However should there be technical problems on our operating aircraft, Air Zimbabwe will make arrangements for a replacement aircraft, subject to availability of suitable aircraft on the market. We already have an understanding with some local operators like Falcon Air and Halsted's Aviation (HAC) to operate on our behalf should such a need arise. We have hired them in the past and they are available at short notice if they do not have commitments elsewhere.
Quinten de Lange, The Zambezi Trader, Kariba, Zimbabwe 21 January 2015
We have only had one group that came in through the flight. Hoped we would have more clients that would have supported them by now. However, it seems that the main problem is that the international groups do not yet have the confidence in Air Zimbabwe to book them so far in advance. It would be great if Air Zim could somehow give some sort of guarantee that no matter what happens they would fly international groups that booked way in advance to Kariba. Even if they would have to charter other planes to do it. The group that did make use of the flight was extremely impressed with the service they received from Air Zimbabwe. Since they basically filled the flight Air Zim was happy to take off earlier than scheduled to accommodate the group. This really impressed them. They were very happy with the flight crew and ground services.
Gwen Wawn, Safaris 4 Africa, Zimbabwe 20 January 2015
A few people flying Harare to Victoria Falls were booked on the direct flight to the Falls but on arrival at the airport discovered they were now routing via Kariba. This maybe an initiative from Air Zimbabwe to keep this route viable during the tourism off season. For any guests travelling I would suggest checking with Air Zimbabwe the day before date of travel, to confirm the flight details and timings, as this could affect Victoria Falls arrival times and onward transfers etc.
Debbie Ewing, Experience Africa Safaris, Zimbabwe 20 January 2015
I have not had many users of these flights, but the few I have put on have all been absolutely fine. No complaints about the schedule and times. The aircraft are aren't new, but all made it on time!!
Sally Wynn-Pitman, Zimbabwe 22 August 2014
It is wonderful to have Air Zimbabwe's Harare-Kariba-Victoria Falls schedule triangle flight back again. I travelled on this flight from Harare to Kariba and on to Victoria Falls in August 2014. The plane is a 52-seater, so not large. The flight was very quick and all smooth. The section between Kariba and Vic Falls follows almost the whole length of Lake Kariba and then up the Zambezi River gorges to the Falls. What a spectacle! I would definitely recommend this link flight to visitors for its incredible scenic value, apart from anything else! We just hope that Air Zimbabwe will keep the flights on time and in the air from now on.
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