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Camp Mana, run by Sunpath Safaris, is a 12-bed tented camp located overlooking the Zambezi River in Mana Pools National Park and World Heritage Site. 

On offer are guided game drives and walking, canoe safaris, fishing and wilderness walking trails.  Sunpath Safaris also offer a mobile tented camp at Chitake Springs in the south of the Mana Pools National Park.

The focus at Camp Mana is on a genuine immersive wilderness experience with a minimal impact on the environment.   Guests will be taken on a personal journey of discovery of themselves and of the magic of Mana Pools.

While aiming to provide an unforgettable up close and personal experience of wild places and excellent photographic opportunities, this will only be done without intentionally interfering with or disturbing wildlife.


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Peter (via Trip Advisor), New Zealand 30 November 2019
Camp Mana is excellent. It's very comfortable, without being excessive and you have all you need. Elephant regularly come and brush up against the tent as they feed from the trees beside it. The camp has a fantastic team and the meals are excellent. It has a personable, homely feel and dinner conversation is certainly not boring. Steve is a very knowledgeable guide on flora and fauna (as well as on many subjects), is energetic and goes out on a limb. On our drives and walks, we found many animals, including wild dogs (twice), lion, and elephant. Too dry to see snakes, unfortunately, but maybe next time! :) Steve and the team say they are committed to an environmentally friendly camp and they do what they say – solar power, good water management, and the entire camp is erected and then completely taken down at the end of the season to minimise its footprint. It was also great to see the care and dedication they have for the wider park. We visited during one of Zimbabwe's worst droughts, with many starving and dying animals. The safari operators got together to do hay drops and rescue infant elephants, all aside from their usual work. These guys are a big part of the reason pristine wilderness areas like Mana Pools continue to flourish. We absolutely recommend Camp Mana.”
Reiko (via Trip Adviser), Japan 31 October 2019
As soon as we arrived at Camp Mana, we fell in love with the place. We could see wild life just in front of our tent. Very nice and relaxing place. The tent was very comfortable with nice shower and toilet. The hot water brought to the tent every morning was great, too. Steve has wide knowledge of animals, trees, flowers and it was so much fun walking in the bush with him. Cindy and other Staff were very friendly and we felt home. We would definitely like to go back there again. Thank you! It was wonderful to meet you and your family. Thank you for teaching us a little about Japanese culture. Thank you so much for your kind comments. We hope that we will see you again at Camp Mana.
SnsZ1 (via Trip Advisor), Belgium 31 October 2019
(Translated from Flemish: "Amazing experience!" Together with a group of good friends, we were unfortunately only able to stay a few days in this paradise! The game drives and bushwalks led by top guide Steve Bolnick were incredible, this man's experience and knowledge of the bush is phenomenal. We were even allowed to help save an orphan elephant, a unique experience to remember! The spacious tents even had a bathroom with shower and toilet! So you didn't have to leave your tent during the night and you could safely enjoy all the wildlife that ran around your tent. Really authentic Africa! Great food and great wine made my dream complete! I hope to return soon.
Peter Z (via Trip Advisor), USA 30 October 2019
My wife and I visited Camp Mana in early October 2019, not fully knowing what to expect. It turned out to be an incredible experience. Proprietor Steve Bolnick and his team have created a wonderful base on the Zambezi river in Mana Pools National Park. The accommodations are comfortable, the food varied and delicious, and the staff genuine in helping us have a fun, safe experience. Steve and the other guides made it easy to see loads of amazing animals (elephant moms and babies were among our favorites!) and learn so much about them, but more than that the guides anticipated where some of the rarer animals would be (think leopards, lions and wild painted dogs) and took us on tracking, vehicle and walking journeys to view them in the bush. Back at Camp there are wonderful surprises as various animals wander in from time to time, and the sounds of far away (and some not so far away) species can be heard at night. Many thanks to Steve and the team. This was a special experience, that I know we'll cherish for years to come! Thank you Peter... We have thought long & hard about how we can provide the most authentic comfortable bush experience without having too great an impact on the environment. I am delighted that you enjoyed the camp & staff so much and hope that we will host you again in the future.
Jan (via Trip Advisor), Belgium 30 October 2019
What an incredible place! We just had the privilege of spending a couple of days in Camp Mana and the visit exceeded our wildest expectations. The view from our tent was simply incredible: elephants, hippo's, zebra's, impalas... against the impressive backdrop of the Zambezi river and the hills in Zambia. During the night, elephants, hyenas and hippos were rooming the camp, and in the early morning we accidentally woke up an elephant that sleeping against a tree... During the early morning and late afternoons we made extensive tours in the park, both on foot and by car. The guides - Carl Nicholson, John Zvinashi and Steve Bolnick - were pleasant and very knowledgeable. This truly is a camp for people who love nature!!!
Pedro (via Trip Advisor), UK 25 October 2019
Living in very close contact with nature. Nicely situated on the banks of the Zambezi river. Experiencing 'real-life' nature at its best. Well equipped tents with private bathroom and shower. Very friendly and helpful staff. Karl is a very knowledgeable and excellent guide who will go out of his way to make it an unforgettable stay.
Leonard G (via Trip Advisor), USA 30 September 2019
Camp Mana is not a luxo-safari camp. It is erected and taken down with the seasons. I have stayed in fancy camps on a previous trip to Africa and I would take Camp Mana any day. It provides a much more connected and natural experience with nature and the animals. Steve Bolnick runs the camp. His company, Steve Bolnick Safaris, has been in existence for 40 years. He is an extraordinary guide and a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge. He is also very funny. We got to walk a few times rather than just ride in the safari jeep. It is a whole different experience. The food and beverages are remarkable for such a remote location. This experience is highly recommended.
Andius (via Trip Advisor), Netherlands 30 September 2019
Fantastic Safari Camp with great guides and experience! Stayed in this camp for a week. we had Carl as guide, who did a fantastic job. The stay in the camp was very nice. elephants roam through the camp, lions passed by and at all times the staff ensured our security. The service and the food were great. Really recommended!
Rosana (via Trip Advisor), Canada 30 September 2019
Mana magic! We visited Mana Pools for the first time September, 2019 and were enthralled with the uniqueness and rugged beauty of this Unesco protected site. We stayed at Camp Mana together with three adult family members and enjoyed wonderful hospitality with host Steve, hostess Cindy & Leon as team leader of the staff who provided excellent service and meals. They made our family reunion a memorable experience. The accommodation was perfectly suited to minimize environmental impact and meet our needs. We were privileged to have Steve as our guide; he taught us to appreciate with wonder "all creatures great and small", from ant lions to elephants, birds, trees, civets and painted dogs. We left Camp Mana enriched by his expertise and wishing we could somehow stay longer to learn more- thank you Steve! Naturally our guided tours included watching at close range the behaviours of elephants and lions which was great but we really learned to marvel at the uniqueness of this special place with it's diverse flora and fauna.We highly recommend Camp Mana as a special place to stay at Mana Pools.
Sarah (via Trip Advisor), USA 30 September 2019
Fantastic stay at camp mana. Great personnel, very hood food, comfortable tent with en suite. Fantastic game drives and game viewing from the camp. Would recommend it to everyone! Go to this camp if you are visiting Mana Pools, unique location.
Loulou Beavers, Netherlands 30 September 2019
Great stay at camp Mana! Mana pools is great for wildlife! Camp mana makes a great stay in Mana pools. Here are no fancy lodges, but comfortable caming in the bush. During the day you will see tons of wildlife, during the night you wil here the lions roar, and hippo's will be next to your tent. The staff is great, the guides are super and have the best training in Africa. You can be on foot and you will be safe and feel very relaxed.
Ruth8745 (Via Trip Advisor, USA 30 September 2019
Authentic, Amazing Zimbabwe Experience! If you're looking for an authentic African safari experience where you truly feel a part of nature, then I would highly recommend staying at Camp Mana. Some highlights: - Guided drives and walks through the bush with incredibly knowledgeable guides who imparted a deep respect for nature and all animals - Arriving back at the camp to cold, refreshing towels and delicious meals prepared by the amazingly attentive staff - Ending the day with G&Ts watching the sunset over the river - Falling asleep in luxury tents to the sounds of elephants walking by - Waking up with the sun to do it all again the next day! Staying at Camp Mana was a truly amazing experience and I would definitely go back given the opportunity.
Colin (via Trip Advisor), Australia 29 September 2019
Experience of a lifetime. Camp Mana has been my best safari experience in the last 50+ years of visiting game parks and reserves across Africa. The location is sublime, and the animals are abundant. The low environmental imapct camp really allows you to feel that you are part of the bush, with animals walking through it, while providing very comfortable accomodation. The guides are all extremely knowledgable, and educate and immerse you in the whole Mana Pools experience, and the camp staff and food are excellent.
Camilla (via Trip Advisor), Sweden 28 September 2019
Amazing Camp! Fantastic camp with amazing location and the staff provided great service and had a wide knowledge of the animals and the history of the place. Great value for the money, with wild animals all around us. I can't recommend it highly enough, I'll definitely go back one day!!
Robin Chow , Seattle, USA 26 September 2019
An unmissable safari experience. We had the privilege of staying for about at week at Camp Mana late September 2019, under the care of veteran safari guide Steve Bolnick, and his fellow guide Carl Nicholson. It had been a very dry season and it showed on the landscape and on the health of the animals. Steve and Carl provided the knowledge and insight for us to understand what it was that we were seeing around us, and what it truly means to live amongst wild animals. They also exhibited what a city-dweller like myself would consider super senses, as they noticed things in the distance with their naked eye, that I would only finally be able to pick out after intense concentration through my binoculars. Camp Mana itself is run by a dedicated and attentive team, and being at camp provides a surreal experience of sleeping in a fully-featured tent that still places you firmly in nature (each tent comes complete with separate "bedroom" and "bathroom", along with a gravity-fed shower and sit down toilet, no less!). The food was plentiful and delightful, and I have only praise and awe for what was catered given the minimal cooking setup. If you're looking to experience first-hand the natures of Zimbabwe, I highly encourage doing so at the wonderful Camp Mana. You will have the most amazing days driving and hiking to see elephants, zebras, hyenas, lions and maybe even the famed wild dogs. And in between, you'll be resting up in a camp that is very much a part of nature (elephants walked through on several occasions during our visit!). Room tip: Listen to the guides - they only have your best interest at heart!
Marc (via Trip Advisor), Australia 24 September 2019
A trip of a lifetime! Camp Mana is a truly special place. The camp itself looks out onto the most spectacular view of the Zambezi and the animals just seem to stroll past: elephants, hippos, kudu. The tents are great -- by far my most comfortable camping experience, and the food was out of this world. Steve is a superlative guide. He led us to the famous painted dogs twice in four days! I have been on safari before but nothing compares to this. I cannot recommend Camp Mana strongly enough.
Eden, USA 20 September 2019
One Of Our Favorites in Zim - Great Safari Experience! We first visited Camp Mana late July and loved our time here so much that we came back again last weekend (early Sept). The setting is pretty perfect; the tents are set up overlooking the Zambezi river. The accommodations are what I'd call glamping (excellent tents with en suite showers & toilets, complete with toiletries and hot water). The team is so dedicated to making as minimal impact on the land as possible. You won't be online at all, so be ready to unplug and enjoy being out in nature. This 2nd visit, I will say the tsetse flies were in full force, so make sure you bring some bug spray (the camp provides spray for you to spray your tent, but you'll want to bring spray for yourself just in case)! We learned so much from our guides.. They take care to learn about you and what your interests are to help tailor the trip to those interests as best they can, but you may likely find that your interests expand beyond what you may initially have in mind. We were never into birds...but we walked away from the trip with a real love for bird watching. We were so excited to do more bird watching our 2nd time, and Steve did a fantastic job helping us with that. It's clear how much everyone at this camp, genuinely loves Mana and wants to help conserve the land. Finally, we can't say enough about the wonderful care and service everyone in the camp provided. They make every effort to give you the best experience. Cindy is a perfect ambassador for the camp. She makes every effort to get to know each of the guests and ensures everyone has a great time. Mana is such a beautiful place to visit, and we're incredibly fond of the Camp Mana team. We love it here so much we also got engaged on our last trip. It meant a lot to us to have the team there to help celebrate with us. We'll certainly be back to visit!
Mark J (Via Trip Advisor), USA 20 September 2019
Mana Pools Safari - For people interested in finding peace, tranquility and being at one with the bush and the wild this is heaven on earth. Steve Bolnick, who is the driving force at Camp Mana, is the most experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated host and guide I have had the fortune to provide me with an experience of this magnificent world heritage that is beyond compare. Whether by game drives, guided walks or just sitting at camp on the banks of the great Zambezi River, this is a place where wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and conservationists will luxuriate. All this with the added bonus of comfort, fine food and wine to embellish the experience. I will be returning to this Paradise as soon and as often as possible!
Michelle (Via Trip Advisor), Florida, USA 18 September 2019
A different type of Safari. We spent 4 days at Camp Mana in a tented camp in Mana Pools. We have done this other places in Africa and this was a unique experience as we were able to enjoy walking safaris! We spent time tracking animals and were able to get close to painted dogs. Tents are situated facing the Zambezi river and animals roam freely. Impala, zebra, waterbuck and warthogs drink daily at the river. There are hippopotamuses lounging in the river during the day and grazing in full view in the evening. Elephants,lions and hippos roam next to your tents at night and you can often hear the lions calling during the night. We never felt unsafe, we were escorted to the tents nightly. Tents were outfitted with an en suite flushing toilet and hot showers as well as a camping cupboard to organize your things. The beds were comfortable with high thread count sheets. Meals are served int he reception tent and every effort is made to consider dietary needs and restrictions. Enjoy a gin and tonic in the reception area or on an evening drive to watch the unforgettable African sunsets. Our guide Steve Bolnick is extremely knowledgeable about local flora and fauna as well as the history of the area. We did visit during a time of extreme drought in Zim but the animal viewing was still plentiful. Great place for birders as there are many here you will not find elsewhere. Dinners were excellent and you can enjoy a full hot breakfast after returning from your morning walk. Staff was friendly and attentive and Cindy made sure all of our needs were met. You travel in and out of the camp on bush planes which are arranged by Camp Mana. Expect interesting conversations with naturalists and conservationists who often drop by unexpectedly. Carbon footprint of the camp is minimized by solar power to tents for lighting and cooking. WiFi and cell service is unpredictable and unreliable in this area but enjoy the time to unplug, relax and enjoy.
Jackie (via Trip Advisor), South Africa 17 September 2019
Unparalleled African bush experience! We visited Camp Mana during September and found the weather to be warm but not too hot. Sitting out in the evenings, watching the stars, was most pleasant. Camp Mana is an authentic bush camp. The tented accommodation was comfortable with ablution facilities en suite. The location of the camp, on the banks of the Zambezi river, is superb, with views over the river to the mountains of Zambia. Despite the fact that elephants, waterbuck and other animals roamed through the camp, we felt completely safe. After dark, we were walked to and from our tents by an armed ranger. We enjoyed wonderful walks and game drives. The game and bird viewing was excellent, the highlights of which, were watching wild dog puppies near their den, a wild dog kill of a young eland, lions and the migration of the carmine bee eaters. Our guide, Steve Bolnick, was friendly and extremely knowledgable. The food was delicious with coffee, tea or cold beverages freely available. The camp was efficiently run with friendly staff. After four nights we left feeling very relaxed. We would definitely go there again.
Debbie K (via Trip Advisor), Solano Beach, USA 15 September 2019
We couldn't be more excited and enchanted with our trip to Camp Mana. Our guide Steve Bolnick is an expert tracker with a depth of knowledge which he shares with his love of the multitude of the animals he knows so well. The camp is lovely, with very comfortable accomodations and fine dining in the bush. We heartily recommend this camp, an experience of a lifetime. Thank you Steve and all the staff who made this all possible.
David K (via Trip Advisor), San Diego, USA 12 September 2019
Incredible location and guides. One of the premier wildlife spots I have visited; Steve Bolnick our guide is knowledgable and very experienced, as are his helpers. Professional, concerned for our wellbeing and safety and comfort, perfect accomodations; not over the top.
Jonathan S (Via Trip Advisor), UK 31 August 2019
Trip of a lifetime. My wife and I chose to visit Mana for our first safari experience on recommendation of some more experienced safari visitors who also joined us - we saw a wide variety of species of animals and birds and were guided by Craig and Karl who both helped make our trip memorable with their knowledge and care - the rest of the staff were courteous warm and fun and the facilities ie the camps were charming and beautiful. Food good, we were comfortable and can't wait to return.
Ed H (via Trip Advisor), UK 31 August 2019
Stunning experience in the real wild of Africa. There really is nothing like this place. The tents at camp Mana face out over the Zambezi and during the dry season it feels like the whole of Africa is passing through. From just the tent we saw lion, zebra, elephant, gazelles, warthogs, everything. Craig, Sharon and the staff ensure that the camp runs seamlessly and even though you're really in the wild of Africa, the level of service and comfort is staggering. The ability to do walking trips around the camp (under the safety of guides!) is the real unique experience the camp offers. The guides (especially Carl Nicholson) are incredibly experienced, and we had the opportunity to track lion on foot on multiple occasions, and after a 3km walk were able to get within 50m of a female and yearling, and a "honeymooning couple" on another occasion. The difference between seeing these animals on foot compared to from a vehicle is incredible, and having the opportunity to spend a couple of hours in the company of a wild, fully grown lion that we had walked up to will stay with me forever. On the walks, we also came across Leopard and Hyena. We were there in 2017, 2019, and are looking at heading back in 2021, a truly awe-inspiring experiences.
Dotty (via Trip Advisor), USA 28 August 2019
First-rate African Experience! Here you will sleep in comfortable beds, with a toilet and a shower in your tent, while outside, animals roam by. Awaken in the night to the sound of a lion's low growl, hippos snuffling and eating, a jackal's cackle before drifting back to sleep. Safety is key here--we were always escorted to and from our tents after dark; and when a herd of elephants decided to dine on leaves a few feet away from our own open-air dining tent after lunch, we were simply told to stay quiet--and what joy! Not one of us minded that our afternoon safari was held up for 45 minutes--we got to watch these marvelous elephants--matriarch, babies, youngsters, and other females--as they ate and interacted. Such a gift! Steve Bolnick, our guide for our entire 2.5 week trip, is the owner of Camp Mana, and ranks as one of the best guides in the business. His depth of knowledge is astounding--whether walking with him or driving in safari vehicles, you will come away with much more of what African wildlife is about than simple identifications; you will gain detailed understandings of each animal and plant, and how the ecological community works. His kindness, thoroughness, and unflappability kept us all at ease no matter what arose. Carl Nicholson was our other guide at the camp, and his knowledge, birding skills, and thoughtfulness were superb.The staff at the camp is excellent; the food divine. I have a restricted diet, and they handled it with ease. Rising each morning at sunrise to look out over the banks of the Zambezi, where kudus, waterbuck, zebra, and impala grazed, where hippos cooled themselves in its water, where warthogs knelt to snuffle for food, where saddle-backed storks and egrets stood by a pond and small blue waxbills flitted about near our feet, was to awaken in paradise. We spent four days there--but wished it never had to end.
Sean H, UK 28 August 2019
An unparalleled African bush experience. I have visited Camp Mana many times with my family and it is certainly a place that you will want to return to. Our most recent visit started with a boat transfer from Chirundu down the Zambezi - an amazing way to start the trip. Many elephants and hippos greeted us on our boat trip and the wildlife experience continued throughout our 7-day stay. Steve and Carl are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced bringing us face to face with an incredible array of wildlife including on foot encounters with lion and leopard. We felt safe and comfortable at all times and loved sharing their passion in the local fauna and flora. The team are also incredible hosts with accommodation and food outstanding - nothing better than sharing a cold beer at the end of a long trek watching the sun go down over the Zambezi. I can't recommend the team enough and we will be back!
Jonathan (via Trip Advisor), USA 27 August 2019
Absolutely the best way to experience Africa! Four days at one of the most magical places I have ever been — Camp Mana in Mana Pools National Park. Pictures and words can only give a slight feel for the beauty of the place, looking out over the floodplain toward the Zambezi River. It is hard to convey the sounds of the breeze and the wildlife, birds, elephants, hippos, baboons, lions and more all communicating. For much of every day in that broad open view to the river we could see eight or nine large mammal species, most of those listed above, plus impala, waterbuck, kudu, warthogs and sometimes eland. Elephants wander through camp. Hippos would graze at night just a few meters from some of our tents. The experience of the landscape and the wildlife is made all the more special by the feel of Camp Mana itself. The clean and comfortable tents and the whole camp lie light on the land, feeling like the most authentic and appropriate way of living in Mana Pools National Park. The staff are incredibly friendly and attentive and the food is delicious. The quality of the guiding is beyond excellent. Our group is well traveled and we have spent time with a lot of guides. We are interested in almost everything in our attempts to understand a place. It is hard to imagine anyone better for this in all of southern Africa than Steve Bolnick who led our entire trip. A remarkable man of deep knowledge and experience, wonderful stories, great energy, and high standards, Steve provides the best possible leadership through Mana Pools. Carl Nicholson, who also shared guide duties at Mana with us, was also fantastic -- thoughtful, considerate, knowledgeable, and a great birder to boot! It was hard for all of us to leave Camp Mana and its very special beauty lingers in our souls.
Toni E, USA 26 August 2019
Walk on the Wild Side. We visited Camp Mana for four days during a two week trip to Zimbabwe in August 2019. Camp Mana was the absolute highlight of the trip. Each day began for us with warm water in our basins outside our comfortable tents. As the sun rose over the Zambesi river we had a light breakfast at the main tent, some coffee, and said good morning to the impala, warthogs, and lilac-breasted rollers foraging on the floodplain before us. Then we were off on adventures by foot or by safari vehicle with either Steve Bolnick or Karl into the bush. They are so knowledgeable and patient. The staff are attentive and cheerful. There was an extreme drought at the time, which concentrated the wildlife near the river and made for excellent viewing but some tragic circumstances as well. Everything we saw was raw and unfiltered, and led to much discussion about human responsibility for stewardship of the parks. Steve is a principled conservationist and he was able to bring us unique experiences without compromising safety of the animals or us. We rested during the heat of the day, but late afternoon we were back at it, trying to wrest every moment of joy from this place of unparalleled beauty. After sundowners along the river it was back to camp for dinner and talk. Steve is a wonderful raconteur and the stories he tells make you thirst for more. We were walked to our tents at bedtime where we could hear hippos grazing about us and the roar of a lion nearby. We felt perfectly safe. I would go again in a heartbeat.
Lacemaker (Via Trip Advisor), UK 22 August 2019
Experience Africa in the Wild - This was my second visit to Camp Mana. We arrived via Zambia on a boat down the Zambezi from Chirundu and were transported into another world. The tented camp on the banks of the river is comfortable and well equipped considering its off-grid status. The animals wander through the camp daily and to be able to walk the bush with knowledgeable, experienced guides is an amazing experience, so peaceful with no engine noises just the animals and the birds. The staff were very friendly and helpful.
Ben (via Trip Advisor), UK 20 August 2019
Amazing camp in a very special location! It's difficult to imagine a better location. The camp looks out across the Zambezi valley, with game constantly moving in front of and directly through the camp. The staff are excellent and well led by Steve. We all enjoyed the wonderful food and very comfortable tents - a very special way to enjoy the bush. All combined for an incredibly relaxing and special time. So many great sightings including lions and elephant walk through the camp. A close encounter with the dogs as they woke up at dusk was a highlight we'll remember forever. Thanks to the team for making it so special Excellent game walks and canoeing on the river, in addition to the traditional drives in the very comfy Cruiser!!
Tracey-Lee (via Trip Advisor), South Africa 30 June 2019
An experience I will never forget. I had the most amazing time in Camp Mana. The staff where all so friendly and was shown around by Steve Bolnick who knew the area and animals very well. I would highly recommend Camp Mana and will definitely be going back again one day.
Alida B , South Africa 30 June 2019
Unforgettable place! Our 3 night stay really was an unforgettable experience. The luxury tented camp made our stay comfortable, but still gives you that safari feeling that makes Mana one of best authentic bush experiences still available. The setting on the river ensured that we saw a lot of animals without even leaving our chairs. My sons really enjoyed the game drives, especially our wild dog spotting that they will never forget. The only problem we had, was that we did not want to leave!
Diana (via Trip Advisor), Australia 30 April 2019
Ultimate African experience. Exceeded all expectations. Accommodation was first class. Service was outstanding and all meals were superb. All guides and staff very knowledgeable and skilled. Part of experience was to get out of the vehicle and be in touch with environment, bird & animal life. Would return in a heartbeat.
Morgan (via Trip Advisor), South Africa 30 September 2018
My favourite wildlife travel destination in Africa! I spent 2018 traveling through Sub-Saharan and East Africa - from Cape Town to Kampala. On these travels, I visited over 20 National Parks and Mana Pools wins by a mile. The accommodation at Camp Mana is the perfect blend between camping and safety. You know that you're in the bush but have the comfort of a flushing toilet and running shower with hot water... in your tent! The food is to die for and the guides, well, the guides.. They are the best that I have ever come across. Head Guide Steve Bolnick has endless knowledge on the flora and fauna in Mana Pools and his early morning walks are a bucket-list item for sure. I recommend Camp Mana to anyone in search of an experience that they will never forget with some of the best people out there.
Andrew (via Trip Advisor), South Africa 30 September 2018
Expections were high and still vastly exceeded! Dear Steve, thank you for your hospitality. Mana Camp is amazing. Everything about it was an experience starting with the huge density of game. One day 23 elephants walked through the camp right passed the main tent where we were sitting. The elephants were chilled and to view them at a distance of 3 or 4 meters is simply humbling. The sounds of 9 hippos grazing right outside our tent or the lions that moved through the camp one evening left us in no doubt that this is the real safari deal. I especially enjoyed just chilling in your main tent protected from the sun and just watching the animals go by. Going on those bush walks with you was inspiring with so much bush knowledge that you shared and the fact that we felt completely safe with you looking after us in this wild place. Its the little details and the camp stories that really made the difference. Normally I don't worry about the comforts like percale linen, huge fluffy towels and those comfortable beds but I am now thinking that this unpretentious luxury is the only way to go on safari. Your staff were great too pampering to our every need. We will be back to experience your canoeing trip down the Zambezi and hopefully next time we will have the honor see the wild dogs. You have created an exceptional wilderness dream experience at Camp Mana that I will continue to rave about for many years to come.
Carl (via Trip Advisor), Belgium 25 August 2018
Unique experience! Our stay in Camp Mana was amazing. The combination of the luxury accomodation and superb food with the fact that we were really living amongst the game is so unique. We will never forget watching elephants walking by the camp while we were enjoying lunch. All staff was super friendly and always happy to help out. We will definitely go back!
Hannelore (via Trip Advisor), Belgium 25 August 2018
Incredible views! Really nice staff! The tents where very clean. We had a relaxing stay. We saw a lot during the safari, lions, waterbuffalo, hyenas, elephants,.. During our afternoon nap we where woken up by elephants walking trough the camp, it was a magical experience! I would definitely recommend!
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