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Zambezi Horse Safaris, based in Victoria Falls, provides guests with the fabulous experience of exploring the African wilderness and viewing wildlife from the back of a horse.

The safaris, conducted by licenced and experienced guides, mostly take place in wild areas around Victoria Falls and within the Zambezi National Park.

On offer are short, novice rides as well as morning, afternoon, half-day or multi-day safaris for more experienced riders.

In addition to their tourism operations, Zambezi Horse Safaris also do vital work in protecting wildlife in and around the Victoria Falls area, through the Zambezi Mounted Anti-Poaching team of riders, horses and scouts.  They are an integral part of anti-poaching work around Victoria Falls, doing daily patrols in areas that other units cannot reach by road or on foot. This often means assisting to track wounded animals and removing the snares. 

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Reviews 3

Sina & Emrah (via Trip Advisor), Germany 16 December 2019
LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE!!! ALISON IS NOT ONLY "ONE OF THE BEST" - SHE IS THE BEST!!!! STUNNING HORSES!!!! As a couple from Germany we took our time in advance to search the internet for the best Horseback-Safari we can get in Africa or South Africa - not knowing much about Simbabwe we looked out for several countries and possibilities. While our search we found out that Alison Baker in Simbabwe / Victoria Falls might offer the best experience, after reading her reviews and those of others. That does not mean that the others had only bad reviews - but what other guests wrote already experiencing Alison and her horses made us to choose her for our 8-days-vacation to Simbabwe/Victoria Falls. And guess what: The already fantastic reviews were NOTHING comparing to that what we really experienced at our days with Alison - THAT WAS A LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE, made us SPEECHLESS every single moment and day, it went beyond all best wishes we could have ever imagined! Alison LOVES and LIVES what she is doing. She LOVES and LIVES her horses, the nature, the game and the wildlife and of course her clients. We felt NOT ONE SECOND like we might be in a "money-making-tourist-attraction". Alison has STUNNING horses suited to your own riding level, she has a great team, she knows the reserves and every single animal and plant in every way - we learned more in 8 days than in 13 years in school...! If you love riding & horses, if you love all animals and wildlife and if you love the nature - and if you want to PROTECT the wildlife and the nature with more knowledge & respect, if you want to learn more about Anti-Poaching and Conservation etc. you cannot find any better adress than to be with Alison and her team! Besides that you will explore a country full of overwhelming kindness, beautyness, virginity and the best sunsets and sundowners you have ever seen...
Beata H (via Trip Advisor) 12 October 2019
I've done a 5 night/6 day horse riding safari with Alison and had the most exciting holiday riding experience. Alison.. was super prompt, easy to communicate with and sorted out the plan for me within hours. Two days later I was flying to Zimbabwe. The whole trip was organised very well, everything went smoothly and I had a completely stress- and hassle-free experience during my stay in Zimbabwe (this applies to it all - accommodation, transport, horse riding and other activities). Alison is a wonderful guide. Professional, highly experienced and skilled, and her knowledge of wildlife as well as the game reserve itself is incredible. I was very impressed by her understanding of animal behaviour, from approaching them to somehow being able to tell exactly how they would act. She's also fun to ride with and an interesting person (fyi her riding experience goes well beyond safaris). She goes the extra mile and really puts in effort to make it a unique experience for us. Being an experienced rider and having my own horses, it was also clear to me she is top in her field. The assistant guides are experienced and work well with Alison, while the horses are all lovely and well looked after (this was a big factor for me too). The rides combined fast pace/galloping in open areas, and walking or trotting in bushes. It was all very exciting as animals could be hiding practically anywhere and I ended up being on a constant lookout for wildlife. You see things from a completely different angle compared to a regular driving safari - basically becoming part of the environment where horses are viewed more like wildlife itself which then gives you an opportunity to observe a wider range of animal behaviour (yes, including mock charges by elephants, rhinos and buffalos! Luckily Alison knows exactly what to do in those situations so it's safe). I've seen such a wide range of animals (consistently) that I could not have asked for a better safari.
Tammi S (via Trip Advisor), USA 24 September 2019
Best rides of my life! Alison is absolutely hilarious and I had a great time riding with both she and Reason. We experienced great game sightings and the weather was perfect. I got some incredible photos. The horses were wonderful, well trained and extremely well cared for. I can't say enough about how Alison and her staff go above and beyond both for their horses and their guests. Alison and her staff really made the trip! On a side note, the are weight restrictions on riders is for your personal safety as well as the safety of the horses. Please be forthcoming about your abilities and do not be abusive to the staff if they do not think you are riding fit. This is Africa in the wild, not a petting zoo and safety is paramount. Riding for 5 days with Zambesi Horse Trails was the absolute highlight of my trip to Zimbabwe.
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