Zimbabwe Tourism Authority

Kariba Town, Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority is a corporate body responsible for tourism promotion, planning and development, research and the enforcement of standards and services. As an Authority we see our raison d'etre as being to manage and market Zimbabwe as a leading tourist destination in Africa and the world at large. To this end, our mission is to promote the sustainable growth and development of tourism in Zimbabwe for the social and economic benefit of the nation through setting and monitoring of standards, marketing activities backed by our competent, motivated and innovative staff and strategic partners.

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority has a branch in Victoria Falls - 266 Adam Stander Road.  Contact:  ztavicfalls@ztazim.co.zw

It also has a branch in Kariba situated at the Dam Wall Observation Point Building.  Contact Tendai Bryan Mushangwe bryanmushangwe@gmail.com

Telephone +263 4 780651/4; +263 13 44376 (VicF); +263 261 2146276 (Kba)
Mobile (Harare) +263 86 770 05948 (Kariba) +263 773 384844
Fax +263 4 758826
Zimbabwe Tourism Authority operates in:

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