Kariba Ferries (Kariba Ferry)

Kariba Town, Lake Kariba, Mlibizi, Msuna & Deka

The Kariba Ferry service operates along the whole of Lake Kariba from Kariba town to Mlibizi and back.  The ferry Sea Lion carries up to 70 passengers and 15 vehicles on a full-day and overnight journey lasting 22 hours.

Facilities on board include: chair-beds inside, mattresses for on deck and all bedding (sleeping is communal); toilets and hot showers; three full meals; teas & coffees; a licensed cash bar. 

There is a height restriction of 2 metres for 12 vehicles, and three parking spaces in an open-deck area with no height restriction (ideal for high clearance 4x4s with roofracks or roof-top tents).  However if those spaces are already taken, for those who are prepared to remove roof top tents or roof racks for the duration of the voyage, the crew are prepared to help or do this for you and fit it back at the end of the voyage. 

Departure time is 10.30am from Andora Harbour, Kariba and downlake from Mlibizi the following day.  Passengers are advised to be at the departure /loading point not less than 1 hour prior to sailing.  Boarding/loading of vehicles begins at 09.30 am.

NOTE:  Currently due to the economic situation all sailings are provisional and are only confirmed as and when there are sufficient numbers to do so.

The ferry operates on a charter basis throughout the year, and on a regular weekly schedule when demand is high (e.g. during peak holiday times). Prior booking is essential.

Check the Ferry Schedule for sailing dates for the year ahead at this link:  Kariba Ferries Schedule


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Sophie ffrench-Constant, United Kingdom 18 November 2017
Do not expect plush cabins or private bedrooms, the sleeping arrangements are basic with a communal area filled with seats which can be converted into camp beds. If you are prepared for this, then the ferry is an excellent way to cover a lot of ground with very little effort! With the cars parked on the lower deck, the upper deck has an inside area, with the convertible chairs, and an outside area with tables and chairs for eating, drinking or playing games. There is also a quieter small deck area at the front of the boat. Meals are provided, leaving you to just focus on relaxing and passing the time while the ferry does all the hard work. Hi Sophie. Thanks for your positive comments on our service. We have never punted it as anything other than a “Ferry service” that has over the years become a part of the tourist circuit and that many regard as being the highlight of their trip to Zimbabwe and we do believe that we offer value for the money spent on the trip. Many have said that ours is the best food that they have had whilst in the country and this included upmarket lodges that they had stayed in. We look forward to hopefully seeing you again in the not too distant future. Allan Harris Director
Ros Pitman, Zimbabwe 15 April 2017
This is an absolutely GREAT way to cross Lake Kariba - linking Vic Falls and Hwange with Kariba and Mana Pools. We've done it both ways now - the long, hard, bumpy trek by road (potholes and all) and the sit-back-and-relax-with-gin-&-tonic-in-hand way on the Kariba Ferry. I know what my choice will be next time! Make no mistake, this is NOT a luxury cruise. The ferry facilities are basic, but the point is this gets you from A to B with no stress and without wrecking your car in the process! The scenery during the day is awesome. The ferry stops to allow a swim in the Lake (only for the brave!). The food was good and plentiful. Sleeping arrangements are a little rudimentary, but, hey, who cares? It's an overnight adventure! If you're on a self-drive-camping holiday, you'll love the relaxing break that the Kariba Ferry offers!
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