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Seasonal Safari Guide by No comments yet

Deciding when to come on safari to the Victoria Falls/Kariba/Zambezi area depends on what you are looking for. There are basically four seasons as follows:- NOVEMBER-MARCH: Summer rainy season: Hot days (30oC+), and nights (22oC) strong possibility of showers or thunderstorms especially afternoon/evening. Rain cools the temperatu...

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RESPECT THE WILD: A Code of Conduct for visitors in wild areas by The Zambezi Society No comments yet

Designed and produced by The Zambezi Society with the aim of encouraging an environmentally responsible attitude and a way of life to keep wilderness wild for future generations. WHY SHOULD WE RESPECT THE WILD? wild places and wild species have the right to existence and respect, along with humans we are part of the web...

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Electricity, Phones & Internet, Time, Public Holidays and Dress by No comments yet

ELECTRICITY Electricity is is 220 volts. Plug sockets are mostly 3-pin square (13 amp), but 2-pin round shaver/charger sockets are common and 3-pin round (15 amp) sockets can be found in older establishments. Note that the electricity grid in Zimbabwe can be erratic. Camps and lodges in remote Zambezi valley areas usually operate without e...

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Money, Shopping, and Eating Out by No comments yet

MONEY For visitor payments, Zimbabwe accepts the US dollar as its main currency for transactions throughout the country, and all prices are quoted in US$. The South African Rand is also accepted, but since its drop in value against the US$, Rands are less widely used in Zimbabwe than in previous years. The local Zimbabwe dollar...

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Safety and Health by One comment

SAFETY Zimbabwe is safe for visitors. Believe it! We live here, and visit the remote wild areas of the Zambezi Valley and Kariba regularly! Zimbabwe needs your tourism dollars more than ever, and, if you organise your trip with a reputable tour operation, you can be assured that everything will be properly accounted for! Normal precaution...

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Visas, Entry Points and Borders by 2 comments

VISAS Citizens of most Southern African (SADC) countries (including South Africa) do not require visas to enter Zimbabwe. Other passport holders do need visas, which can usually be purchased at your point of entry. Be patient when dealing with officialdom at entry points. Expect delays. Canadian passports: Single entry only: US$75 ...

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4 x4 Code of Conduct Zim4x4 No comments yet

Zambezi Valley 4x4 specialists Zim4x4, who have a strict conservation ethic, have provided Wild Zambezi with the following Code of Conduct for self-drive visitors to the Zambezi s wild areas. General driving It is not good practice to play in the mud - or sand, or in other ways - with vehicles when touring. These activities should be confi...

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