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Time to re-brand "Houseboats"? Help us do it. 31 October 2016 Wild Zambezi 4 comments

When you’re in the business of promoting travel to Southern Africa, and you’re trying to make people understand that there’s more to this part of the world than just Cape Town and the Victoria Falls, getting across the concept of a “houseboat” on Lake Kariba is sometimes a problem. The Southern Africans have no tr...

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Wild Zambezi News -October 2016 31 October 2016 Wild Zambezi No comments yet

Read Wild Zambezi s e-newsletter for October 2016 at this link: Wild Zambezi News October 2016 Sign up online at the bottom of this page to receive these e-newsletters directly to your inbox. NEWS HEADLINES - OCTOBER 2016 - Regional airlines ban Galaxy Note 7 smartphones - Botswana joins South Africa in toughening up on children t...

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