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Old Drift Lodge is simply stunning! 5 August 2018 Wild Zambezi No comments yet

Wild Zambezi is delighted to have been hosted by Wild Horizons at Old Drift Lodge, their brand new lodge on the banks of the river in the Zambezi National Park just upstream from the Victoria Falls. It s hard to find the right words to describe how carefully thought-out and beautiful the design of this stunning new lodge is. Wild Hor...

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Masuwe Lodge - comfort and simplicity in the wild 4 August 2018 Sally Wynn, Wild Zambezi No comments yet

I am delighted to discover that, over the years, since I first visited Masuwe during Zimbabwe s tourism boom in the 1990s, this delightful, intimate, 24-bed lodge, situated just outside the town of Victoria Falls, has matured like a good red wine! It survived 15 years of dormancy during Zimbabwe s recent challenges, but thanks to the tende...

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Safari Logistics introduces set schedule flights in 2019 3 August 2018 Safari Logistics No comments yet

As Zimbabwe’s popularity as a tourist destination continues to grow and international airlines are increasingly including Harare and Victoria Falls as part of their schedules, the challenge has always been moving visitors around between Zimbabwe s other tourism destinations. Safari Logistics stepped into the breach a few years ago, organ...

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Tips for taking children on safari 2 August 2018 Adapted from an original article by Wild Destinations - in Africa Geographic Nov 2016 No comments yet

Taking an African safari with your children can be a very rewarding experience, creating some unforgettable family memories. It will also instill respect in your children at an early age for our beautiful planet and the wildlife that inhabit it, which is a very important factor for conservation efforts. However, kids do get bored very easily, an...

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Walking the Wild Matusadona 2 August 2018 Spurwing Island No comments yet

Keen on a shedding a few calories on a mountain hike while on safari in the Zambezi area? The guides from Spurwing Island have been exploring some of the wilder, mountainous parts of the Matusadona National Park, south of Lake Kariba, with some of their fitter, and more intrepid guests. Here s how they describe the experience! Having th...

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Marineland Harbour sets sail with a new captain at the helm 2 August 2018 Marineland Harbour News - July 2018 No comments yet

Wild Zambezi congratulates Obert Mupara (pictured) on his appointment as the new GM at Marineland Harbour, following the sad loss of owner Bob Collett, after a long struggle with cancer. Says Obert: I have taken on some very big boots to fill in, but I am confident with your usual support, we will sail through and win! In his first news...

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Lake Kariba fills to 86% 2 August 2018 Wild Zambezi No comments yet

In mid July 2018, the water levels of Lake Kariba rose to their highest levels since 2013, peaking at a level of 486.90m (86% full, as measured by the Zambezi River Authority). The hydro-electric scheme for which Kariba Dam and its Lake were created in the late 1950s, is designed to operate between levels 475.50m and 488.50m with 0.70m fre...

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Wild Zambezi News - June-July 2018 9 July 2018 Wild Zambezi No comments yet

Read Wild Zambezi s e-newsletter for June-July 2018 at this link:- WILD ZAMBEZI NEWS -JUNE-JULY 2018 Sign up online at the bottom of this page to receive these e-newsletters directly to your inbox. FEATURING IN JUNE-JULY 2018:- Travel Reviews Airline Updates Cover for Emergencies from ACE We welcome a new travel partner -...

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A modern-day Operation Noah rescues animals stranded on Lake Kariba islands. 7 July 2018 Wild Zambezi, Spurwing Island, Changa Safari Camp and Bumi Hills Anti-Poaching Project No comments yet

When the Kariba Gorge Dam was finally completed in 1959 and the waters of the Zambezi River began to back up behind it, creating the vast inland sea that we now know as Lake Kariba, a National Park officer, Rupert Fothergill, and his team of hardy scouts and volunteers made the risky choice to try to rescue thousands of wild animals trapped on is...

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Twelve facts you may not know about Lake Kariba 5 July 2018 Changa Safari Camp (with additions by Wild Zambezi) One comment

Changa Safari Camp is perfectly located on nearly 4 kilometres of prime lakeshore frontage on the world’s largest man-made lake: Lake Kariba. This large expanse of water is often referred to as “Africa’s Inland Sea”. Kariba is well-known for its spectacular and mesmerizing sunsets, wildlife-rich shorelines and incre...

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