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Mana Pools in "The Rains" 28 February 2015 Dick Pitman, Zim4x4 One comment

A VISIT IN THE GREEN SEASON. ZIM4x4 made its customary rainy-season visit to Mana Pools early in January, and - unlike last year - we hit the sweet spot. Although it rained fairly constantly for our first 24hrs there, it then cleared up nicely. The sun came out and began to dry the roads, and soon we were able to get a good distance u...

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KAZA "Univisa" - working well in Victoria Falls, but there are a few glitches elsewhere. 2 February 2015 Wild 3 comments

First feedback from visitors to the Victoria Falls area indicates that the newly-introduced KAZA UNIVISA (which was launched in November last year and allows entry to both Zimbabwe and Zambia for a single visa payment of US$50) is working well – PROVIDED that your travel focus is the Victoria Falls/Livingstone/Kazungula area. Visitors fro...

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Vayeni's top Safari Camps & Lodges in Zimbabwe for 2014 21 January 2015 Luke Brown, Vayeni No comments yet

Wild Zambezi is delighted to see that Luke and Suzanne Brown from Vayeni have included no less than seven Wild Zambezi network partners in a 2014 list of their favourite 13 safari camps and lodges in Zimbabwe! Here are the relevant extracts from their article:- Zimbabwe is home to some of Africa’s top camps and lodges and now is a fanta...

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Getting around the Zambezi Region by

This section provides an overview of the various options available for getting around between travel destinations within the Zambezi Valley area. GETTING AROUND BY AIR: Most international flights into Zimbabwe land at Harare, Victoria Falls or Bulawayo International Airports. To reach the Zambezi tourism destinations, there are dai...

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Assistance for self-drivers: list of Zimbabwe official fines for road traffic offences (updated Dec 2015) 7 December 2014 by 2 comments

Below is a list of OFFICIAL fines that guilty motorists must pay as far as Zimbabwe Government s Traffic Regulations are concerned. NOTE: (NOTE: Recent changes to this list announced in Dec 2015 have not been gazetting into law, so the list remains as at was in 2013. Where there might be uncertainties because of this situation, we have hig...

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New KAZA "Uni-Visa" for Zimbabwe and Zambia 28 November 2014 Wild No comments yet

Zimbabwe has introduced a new tourist visa covering a 30-day stay in Zimbabwe and Zambia for a single payment of US$50. The new KAZA (Kavango-Zambezi) “Uni-Visa” was launched in Victoria Falls on 28th November 2014. Citizens of 40 countries are eligible for the visa which saves time and money and enables much easier travel ...

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Seasonal Safari Guide by No comments yet

Deciding when to come on safari to the Victoria Falls/Kariba/Zambezi area depends on what you are looking for. There are basically four seasons as follows:- NOVEMBER-MARCH: Summer rainy season: Hot days (30oC+), and nights (22oC) strong possibility of showers or thunderstorms especially afternoon/evening. Rain cools the temperatu...

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RESPECT THE WILD: A Code of Conduct for visitors in wild areas by The Zambezi Society No comments yet

Designed and produced by The Zambezi Society with the aim of encouraging an environmentally responsible attitude and a way of life to keep wilderness wild for future generations. WHY SHOULD WE RESPECT THE WILD? wild places and wild species have the right to existence and respect, along with humans we are part of the web...

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Electricity, Phones & Internet, Time, Public Holidays and Dress by No comments yet

ELECTRICITY Electricity is is 220 volts. Plug sockets are mostly 3-pin square (13 amp), but 2-pin round shaver/charger sockets are common and 3-pin round (15 amp) sockets can be found in older establishments. Note that the electricity grid in Zimbabwe can be erratic. Camps and lodges in remote Zambezi valley areas usually operate without e...

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Money, Shopping, and Eating Out by No comments yet

MONEY For visitor payments, Zimbabwe accepts the US dollar as its main currency for transactions throughout the country, and all prices are quoted in US$. The South African Rand is also accepted, but since its drop in value against the US$, Rands are less widely used in Zimbabwe than in previous years. Note that the local Zimba...

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