VISA, MasterCard & Maestro "Point of Sale" machines introduced in tourism areas

Wild via NewsDay • 30 June 2014

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Barclays Bank Zimbabwe has launched the recently introduced Point of Sale (POS)-acquiring devices in Victoria Falls and other tourism centres (including remote National Park areas like Mana Pools) in a major boost for the tourism sector that relies on fast and efficient card payment systems.

Barclays POS machines, which were launched at a colourful ceremony at the end of June 2014, enabling Barclays’ customers and non-Barclays card holders of VISA, MasterCard and Maestro to safely transact by swiping at any Barclays POS Terminal.


This significantly reduces the risk of carrying large amounts of cash to pay for goods and also reduces cash-handling costs.

Speaking at the official launch, Barclays managing director George Guvamatanga said:....
“The world is increasingly becoming digital and travellers have long since stopped carrying large amounts of cash. We strongly believe that the launch of our Point-of-Sales machines will provide a safe and secure means for visitors to transact whilst positioning Zimbabwe as a dream destination for the international community,” Guvamatanga said.

Valeta Mthimkhulu, Barclays banking director, said: "Our Point-of-Sale machines...offer real convenience, allowing our customers and other card holders to safely pay for a wide range of products. Merchants have also found the machine convenient as it takes three different card schemes on one machine,” she said.

The Barclays POS team are providing free user workshops and fraud management training to equip merchants with the necessary tools to ensure that customers have a seamless experience when swiping on a Barclays POS machine.

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