Self-Drive in Zimbabwe - it's all about local knowledge and • 4 August 2019

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Zimbabwe’s diverse geography and open wilderness present a tantalising gap on the self-drive map just crying out to be explored.

Wild destinations such as Mana Pools and Chitake Springs, experiences like the Kariba Ferry voyage as well as sights such as the Victoria Falls are uniquely Zimbabwean and unspoiled by the cookie-cutter of mass tourism. In addition, people who do visit Zimbabwe always come back amazed at the friendly people they met along the way.

The problem is, Zimbabwe remains tantalisingly under-explored mainly because it is not an easy destination to navigate without sound knowledge of the ever-evolving conditions on the ground.

If you want to travel Zimbabwe on your own, you have to be willing to put some serious time and effort into uncovering, understanding and overcoming the unique challenges involved

Self-drive experts,  and their sister company have local knowledge that is invaluable to anyone planning a self-drive holiday in Zimbabwe.

They have listed some of the common questions they are asked about self-drive in Zim at the moment:-

Is it Safe to travel to Zimbabwe?
What about Police Roadblocks in Zimbabwe?
Are Zimbabweans Friendly?
What about inflation?
What Currency should I bring to Zimbabwe?
What is the Fuel Situation in Zimbabwe currently?
Who can provide support for our trip in Zim?

Read their sensible, on-the-ground advice providing the answers to all the above, on their website Blog at this link:-

Self-Drive in Zim - FAQs

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