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Visiting Africa during the rains 23 November 2013 Russell Gammon No comments yet

If you live in Africa you yearn for the rain. At this time of year we all live, straining our ears, for that distant rumbling of thunder that marks the changing of the seasons and if you work in a safari camp, this time of year takes on an even greater significance. It marks the end of the tourist season and a long anticipated rest since, for s...

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Seven myth-busting reasons to visit Zimbabwe for a holiday right now! 22 November 2013 Luke Brown, No comments yet

When Suzanne and I travel the world and tell people that Zimbabwe s tourism is on the rise and that it s at the beginning of a boom, almost everyone we speak to is shocked and surprised at first. The fact is that most people out there think that Zimbabwe is somehow in reverse as a destination. This is certainly not the case when it comes to touri...

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Vic Falls listed in Top 10 travel regions for 2014! 5 November 2013 by No comments yet

Lonely Planet is advertising its Best in Travel 2014 as inspiration for travels in 2014. It names 10 regions of the world that have captivated its travel experts with their natural beauty and cultural riches. Victoria Falls sits at No 6 on the list! Here they are: 1. Sikkim, India 2. The Kimberley, Australia 3. Yorkshire, En...

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The 5 things safari guests really want 29 October 2013 By Dorine Reinstein, Tourism Update No comments yet

Although the core ingredients of a great safari have remained unchanged over the years and include the quality of the location, the wildlife viewing and the guide as well as appropriate accommodation and meals, there are some new and emerging trends in the safari industry. 1. MULTI-GENERATIONAL TRAVEL Many lodges have started ...

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Zambezi zvakanaka 28 September 2013 by Laurianne Claase in Travel Africa Magazine (Summer 2013) No comments yet

Laurianne Claase visits Zimbabwe for Travel Africa Magazine, and canoes the classic Middle Zambezi route with Natureways Safaris from Zimbabwe s Lake Kariba to Mana Pools National Park. DAY 1 - 18km It s New Year s day and we are setting out to explore 121km of the middle Zambezi. We will be paddling from the Kariba Gorge below the Kariba ...

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Tiger fishing on Lake Kariba 16 September 2013 by Rob Mills, No comments yet

Who said there are no tigers in Africa? The continent may lack big cats with stripes, but its rivers, the Zambezi in particular, teem with tiger fish - stripy creatures with sharp teeth like piranha. Landing a tiger, one of the great game fish, is an angler s delight and people from far and wide descend on Lake Kariba each Octo...

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Tails from the River 30 August 2013 Alison Stewart No comments yet

Go right, I yell, thrashing the water with my ineffectual paddle. I m resting, my husband, Rob, says mutinously. We are zigzagging crazily along the Zambezi, one of Africa s wildest rivers. A hippo pops up behind us - we have canoed directly over him. Meanwhile, our four friends, skilfully executing their mysterious C-strokes and J-st...

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Wild Zambezi welcomes the UNWTO! 24 August 2013 by No comments yet

Hotels, conference venues and safari lodges along the Zambezi River at Victoria Falls and Livingstone are filled to capacity as the two resort towns welcome hundreds of international delegates to the biggest event on the international tourism calendar - the 20th General Assembly of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). Th...

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Elephant rescue at Bumi Hills 26 July 2013 by Wild No comments yet

The Bumi Hills Anti-Poaching Unit (BHAPU) who work hard to protect wildlife in and around Bumi Hills Safari Lodge overlooking Lake Kariba, were recently alerted about a female elephant who had a very bad wound on her leg caused by a wire snare. It took some time to find the animal. Fortunately a veterinary team with a helicopter were sta...

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New Zimbabwe Tourism Map 26 July 2013 by Wild No comments yet

This brand new tourism map of Zimbabwe has been developed as a public/private tourism sector initiative in preparation for the upcoming UNWTO Congress in Victoria Falls at the end of August 2013. It is available via the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, Publicity Associations, lodges and tourism operators throughout the country. ...

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