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New Mana Pools lodge controversy 6 October 2010 by No comments yet

Zimbabwe s Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) has asked stakeholders to ratify proposals for several new lodge developments in the Mana Pools National Park and World Heritage Site. The proposals include: - three new semi-permanent 24-bed lodge tourism development sites along the Zambezi River frontage of the Park - one new ...

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"Keep the Zambezi Wild" say Source-to-Sea Kayak Duo 13 September 2010 by No comments yet

In August 2009, Zimbabwean-born Warren Willis (left) and his South African friend, Francois Kruger (right), set out to kayak the Zambezi River from its source near Mwini Lunga in Northern Zambia to its delta at the Indian Ocean. The two men completed their epic 3186-km-long journey in May 2010, having split it into two parts, breaking just short o...

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Lions' Eyes and Butterflies 24 August 2010 by Goliath Safaris No comments yet

News from Goliath Safaris - August 2010 Spring has sent advance notice that it will soon arrive in the valley. A little earlier each day, the morning light steals the night, and amongst the trees the first cassias and knobthorns, with their vivid yellow and soft buttery white flowers have begun to brighten up a dusty floodplain. Their cheerfuln...

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Lunar lights and lion fights 7 July 2010 by Goliath Safaris No comments yet

News from Goliath Safaris - July 2010 A full moon rising in Mana Pools will lighten the darkest disposition but a new moon setting is equally therapeutic. As its backlit crescent follows the sun below the horizon in the west, it leaves behind for us a perfect indigo backdrop for a galaxy of nightlights. Luminescent fire flies dance their court...

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UNESCO declares Zambezi Valley a Biosphere Reserve 14 June 2010 by One comment

Zimbabwe s Middle Zambezi Valley was amongst 13 new international sites given enhanced conservation status as Biosphere Reserves by the United National Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in June 2010 Biospheres seek to halt the loss of biodiversity and promote sustainable development. The Middle Zambezi Biosphere Reserv...

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Kariba at 50 - a spectacular site! 4 May 2010 by No comments yet

Lake Kariba is full and its spilling floodgates are a magnificent tourism site as the dam celebrates its 50th year. On 16th May 1960, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the British Queen Mother switched on the first electricity generators at Kariba Power Station and officially opened Africa s biggest (at the time) hydro power generation proje...

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Protea withdraws Zambezi hotel! 14 April 2010 by No comments yet

Protea Hotels has bowed to public pressure and withdrawn its application to build an ultra-modern 144-bed conference hotel on the banks of the Zambezi River in Zambia right opposite Mana Pools National Park and World Heritage Site. In a press statement released on 13th April 2010, Protea s Cape Town-based Director of Revenue Management, Sa...

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Cheetah: where there were none before 26 January 2010 by No comments yet

A cheetah in the Matusadona: where there were none before. This cheetah pictured on its impala kill by lucky photographer, Derek Smith, in December 2009, is a descendant of a small population of 14 of these lovely animals re-introduced into the Matusadona National Park in the1990s by conservation organization, The Zambezi Society. Cheetah are...

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Once in a Blue Moon 19 January 2010 Goliath Safaris No comments yet

News from Goliath Safaris - Jan 2010 As the sun set on the year 2009, the blue moon rose in all its solar-reflected glory in the east. Its spectacular and partially eclipsed appearance on New Year s Eve did much to silence some of the lingering and discordant notes of the year past. Global warming, financial crises and fallen golf idols were re...

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Zambezi Valley wins "Wonderful Places to Visit" competition! 17 December 2009 by No comments yet

The Zambezi Valley has won the Wonderful Places to Visit 2009 competition held by Travel Informed (SA) It was voted this year s Best Destination outside South Africa! Thank you to all Zambezi Valley fans (including Wild Zambezi) who voted. We each received a free listing on the Travel Informed website! Ca...

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