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Wild Zambezi welcomes the UNWTO! 24 August 2013 by No comments yet

Hotels, conference venues and safari lodges along the Zambezi River at Victoria Falls and Livingstone are filled to capacity as the two resort towns welcome hundreds of international delegates to the biggest event on the international tourism calendar - the 20th General Assembly of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). Th...

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Elephant rescue at Bumi Hills 26 July 2013 by Wild No comments yet

The Bumi Hills Anti-Poaching Unit (BHAPU) who work hard to protect wildlife in and around Bumi Hills Safari Lodge overlooking Lake Kariba, were recently alerted about a female elephant who had a very bad wound on her leg caused by a wire snare. It took some time to find the animal. Fortunately a veterinary team with a helicopter were sta...

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New Zimbabwe Tourism Map 26 July 2013 by Wild No comments yet

This brand new tourism map of Zimbabwe has been developed as a public/private tourism sector initiative in preparation for the upcoming UNWTO Congress in Victoria Falls at the end of August 2013. It is available via the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, Publicity Associations, lodges and tourism operators throughout the country. ...

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WARNING...Safaris are highly addictive! 16 June 2013 By Susan Portnoy, Huffington Post No comments yet

Susan Portnoy writes for the Online News Blogsite The Huffington Post. Although this article talks of safari experiences elsewhere in Africa, her comments are equally applicable (and useful) for anyone wanting to travel to the wild areas of the Zambezi Valley. I recently returned from Botswana after 12 days on safari. It was my third su...

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Five reasons why to stay that extra night at Lake Kariba 4 May 2013 Luke Brown, Vayeni No comments yet

Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe, has always been in the shadow of its more acclaimed sister to the west, Victoria Falls. It cannot boast that it is one of the world s true natural wonders, nor can it proclaim to offer the same myriad of adventure activities that come with it, such as unrivalled white water rafting, helicopter flips through clouds of rising ...

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Mining in Mana Pools? UNESCO advises "NO" 11 December 2012 by No comments yet

The Zimbabwe National Commission of UNESCO, has advised its parent organisation in Paris, the World Heritage Centre, that a mining proposal to explore the Ruckomechi and Chewore rivers in the Mana Pools-Sapi-Chewore World Heritage Site for heavy mineral sands will not be allowed . The Commission, which is responsible for overseeing matter...

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The Rain Reigns 20 November 2012 by Goliath Safaris No comments yet

From Goliath Safaris - Nov 2012 Omnipresent thoughts of rain reign supreme in Mana at the moment. The heat is stifling, staggering and in many cases stupefying, and the arrival of the rain is fervently anticipated by the dry and parched earth, the new leaves on the dehydrated trees, the irritated feathers on the breathless birds and by every se...

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The Bell of Santa Barbara - A Modern Legend in the Making 25 October 2012 by Sally Wynn, One comment

In early 2012, the tourism industry in Kariba received an e-mail from Italy, from a lady called Francesca Mungiardi. She was wanting to trace a very specific Holy Card issued by the Catholic fathers and sisters of the Church of Santa Barbara. This beautiful and unusual little place of worship was built above the town of Kariba, on top of the...

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Tiger Tournament introduces Catch & Release 18 October 2012 by No comments yet

This year s 51st Kariba Invitation Tiger Fishing Tournament (KITFT) is in full swing (17th - 19th October) on Lake Kariba. Wild Zambezi is delighted to report that the KITFT Committee agreed for the first time in the history of the tournament to introduce a Catch and Release policy this year... It is being run as a sub-tournament. 10...

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Throttle the Bottle! 8 October 2012 by No comments yet

WILD ZAMBEZI SUPPORTS THE CAMPAIGN TO THROTTLE THE BOTTLE ! The Throttle the Bottle campaign aims to reduce the scourge of the throwaway plastic water bottles to keep Africa s wilderness areas pristine and the wildlife safer. Leave Africa a better place, and drink from your own re-usable water bottles whilst on safari. This campaig...

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