Kariba Emergency Medical Centre

Kariba Town

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Kariba-based medical services connected to Medical Air Rescue Service (MARS) Zimbabwe. 

Ambulance, doctor and trained medics.  Based at Kariba Heights, the clinic is open from 7am to 7pm. 

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Gail Tiernan, Zimbabwe 8 June 2019
I fell into the engine room of the houseboat as we boarded and sustained a laceration on my shin. I was taken to this emergency centre and can't praise Innocent and his assistant Allison enough ..7 stitches, a prescription for an anti tetanus at the hospital, a prescription for an anti biotic and pain killer at the Good Shephard pharmacy on the Heights and advice on daily dressings and elevation of my leg were highly commended by my doctor when I saw him on our return 6 days later.( I had also three cracked ribs subsequent Xrays showed .) I am indebted to their prompt and professional treatment . Thank you so much for providing feedback, Gail. This is excellent news and we are delighted you have shared it with our other readers. WILD ZAMBEZI
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Telephone +263 261 12146453 or 4
Mobile +263 778 538643 +263 772 560445
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