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Kavinga Safari Camp is situated in a private concession area, in the southern part of Mana Pools National Park, approximately  one kilometre upstream of the confluence of the Ruckomechi and Chiwuye rivers.  The camp is set on a cliff overlooking the magnificent Ruckomechi riverbed set against the extraordinary backdrop of the Zambezi Escarpment mountains.  Just below is a wildlife-frequented pan with a carefully-disguised viewing "Hide" at its edge, allowing incredible close-up photographic opportunities.

Kavinga Safari Camp consists of seven comfortable raised platform chalets, built on the edge of the cliff, facing east,  with a view of the rising sun above the magnificent Zambezi Valley floor.   Each chalet unit has been designed with an emphasis on privacy and is surrounded by insect repellent gauze allowing the air to circulate contributing to maximum coolness.    Inside are two comfortable beds in flexible arrangements to cater for everyone's needs, and en-suite bathroom facilities.   A verandah approximately two metres in length,  falls in line with the edge of the cliff, in front of each lodge, giving a feeling of infinite space.  

The central dining and lounge area has a spacious deck protruding approximately 5 metres out from the cliff edge, providing a magnificent view across the dry riverbed and to the pan below.

Approximately nine kilometres from the lodge is the renowned Chitake Spring, which has a legendary reputation for superb  game viewing and predators. The herds of buffalo and other animals that drink at the Chitake Spring through the dryer months also visit Kavinga, as there is another Spring in the Ruckomechi River in front of the camp.  Most evenings, herds of elephant gather in the riverbed providing a wonderful  wildlife spectacle and shyer species, like leopard, visit the pan right below the camp under the cover of darkness.

Our professional guides have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about the movements of the various species in the area.  This has enabled them to allow incredible photographic opportunities so that guests can capture those sought-after once-in-a-lifetime shots.  

If it's adventure you seek, be it walking, tracking, exploring the hills and river systems, studying the birds or just relaxing in camp taking in the view, Kavinga Safari Camp will offer you that "Unique Experience in an Untouched Wilderness".

Access to the camp is either by air or road. The area has its own airstrip, situated approximately five kilometres from the camp, so one can enjoy a game drive whilst en route to the camp.

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Andrew Wells (Drew), USA 2 August 2017
I just had the privilege of spending 3 nights at the camp. Growing up in the USA I was part of the Boy Scouts. During my time in scouts I had the privilege of hiking, camping, canoeing in some remote places. Two trips to Philmont Scout Ranch in northern New Mexico was probably the most remote of all the camping I did while growing up. Kavinga Safari Camp was 3x's more remote then Philmont. Yet the accommodation at Kavinga was like that of the best hotels in the world. Every meal was terrific and the picnic lunch about 3 km out in the bush was mind blowing. To think the staff is preparing these meals in this remote place is just amazing. After a wonderful dinner meal and sitting around the fire pit talking with other guest and the guides. You will quickly be reminded just how remote and wild a place you are as you get up to retire for the evening back in your "cabin" and the guide says wait I or a staff member must escort you for your safety! Torch in hand (flash light on steroids) you are escorted to your sleeping place and reminded not to leave in the dark without an escort! If your bucket list has African Safari on it, this is the place to cross it over at. The wild life we saw up close and heard in the distance made our stay just over the top. You will hike or travel by vehicle out into the wild bush with the most professional and knowledgeable guide who has your safety first and foremost in mind, but also will try to find wild game for you to photograph in their natural environment. Thank you staff of Kavinga Safari Camp for providing us with a once in a life time true African Safari! Drew
Gordon Cannon, Zimbabwe 11 October 2016
We are so privileged to have just spent 4 nights in the wonderfully comfortable KAVINGA safari camp. What a unique experience of wild Mana bush , game sightings, and luxury, add to this the company of good friends and you have a perfect weekend xxx Thank you Clyde and Leah
Gordon Wilson, Western Australia 11 March 2016
Having spent five weeks with Rod Huck,construction manager,and the construction crew in June 2014, I had some insight into the excitement and the closeness of viewing magnificent wildlife on the Ruckomechi River at Kavinga. I was very fortunate to be able to take myself away from the rigours of construction and be in a area close to the game. On many occasions I was very close to the large numbers of elephant coming into the waterhole which is situated in very close proximity to the five lodges. It was excitement , richness, trusting of my presence,(very close on two occasions)of hoping to meet that bull elephant again.It was a nice moment. Many nice moments in those weeks in the Zambezi valley. Kudu and warthog were daily visitors and the positioning of all five lodges gave uninterrupted viewing. The numbers of buffalo and families of elephant in the evening,drinking in the riverbed with the soft red hues and the riverbank and bush as backdrop make for great pics. Drinks after work,a nice meal and good company made for a special part of my visit. Going to bed was not the end of the day. The calls of the animals at night were so intriguing, it would lull you off too a beautiful sleep. The next day would start with even more anticipated sightings. In the early hours the hyenas' chorus would start,followed by the deep short sound of a male lion, lots of elephant calling,then the unmistakeable cough of a leopard. Sunrise would see this part of the Zambezi Valley come to life once again,but always with something new. Other parts of my "holiday" at Kavinga and the construction of, are too numerous to mention here. I still feel very privileged almost two years later to be part of the Kavinga build and the Zambezi Valley Thank you to the Kavinga team. Gordon.
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