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Kariba Town, Lake Kariba, Mlibizi, Msuna & Deka

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Kariba-Mlibizi vehicle & passenger ferry linking the eastern end of Lake Kariba (Kariba town) with the western (Mlibizi/Vic Falls/Hwange) end of the lake (or vice versa).

Note that it is essential to consult the Kariba Ferry schedule on their website and to be in touch with their booking office well in advance of your trip.  The Ferry only runs when it has enough bookings to justify the trip.  So it is vital to pre-plan with this in mind. 

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Sophie ffrench-Constant, UK 18 November 2017
Do not expect plush cabins or private bedrooms, the sleeping arrangements are basic with a communal area filled with seats which can be converted into camp beds. If you are prepared for this, then the ferry is an excellent way to cover a lot of ground with very little effort! With the cars parked on the lower deck, the upper deck has an inside area, with the convertible chairs, and an outside area with tables and chairs for eating, drinking or playing games. There is also a quieter small deck area at the front of the boat. Meals are provided, leaving you to just focus on relaxing and passing the time while the ferry does all the hard work. Hi Sophie. Thanks for your positive comments on our service. We have never punted it as anything other than a “Ferry service” that has over the years become a part of the tourist circuit and that many regard as being the highlight of their trip to Zimbabwe and we do believe that we offer value for the money spent on the trip. Many have said that ours is the best food that they have had whilst in the country and this included upmarket lodges that they had stayed in. We look forward to hopefully seeing you again in the not too distant future. Allan Harris Director
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