Codes of Conduct for Visitors to Mana Pools

ZimParks/Zambezi Society

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management  Authority (ZimParks), in collaboration with The Zambezi Society, members of the public and the Mana Pools Tour Operators (LZTOA) has compiled two Codes of Conduct for visitors to Mana Pools National Park and World Heritage Site.

These can be downloaded in PDF form from The Zambezi Society website at these links:-

Code of Conduct - Mana Pools National Park

Code of  Conduct - Chitake Spring

The Zambezi Society urges visitors to Mana Pools to recognise the privilege of being able to walk unguided in this wilderness area, and strongly encourages them (and the tour operators) to adhere to the principles listed in these codes at the risk of attracting heavy fines.

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