Throttle the Bottle!

by • 8 October 2012

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The "Throttle the Bottle" campaign aims to reduce the scourge of the throwaway plastic water bottles to keep Africa's wilderness areas pristine and the wildlife safer.  Leave Africa a better place, and drink from your own re-usable water bottles whilst on safari.

This campaign was started to raise awareness of the terrible environmental impact of the plastic water bottle.

FACT 1:  Plastic is not biodegradable. It just breaks up into tiny pieces over time and remains plastic. It will take a water bottle well over 450 years to break down completely.

FACT 2: Of the 21 US gallons of bottled water drunk per capita per year in the USA, only 22% is recycled. The rest ends up in landfills, as litter or in the ocean. In Africa, the percentage recycled is MUCH lower, as recycling opportunities are extremely rare.

FACT 3: Most people have heard of the "islands" of rubbish floating in the World's oceans. They are made up mostly of plastics. Melted by the sun, beaten by waves, broken into tiny pieces, they are eaten by wildlife and marine life, often with disastrous consequences, as well as leaching toxins into the ocean. These "islands" are going nowhere and will be with us for centuries. They can only grow larger.

FACT 4: 1.5 million barrels of oil per year are used in the manufacturing of plastic water bottles.

FACT 5:  Safe, bulk, drinking water is cheaper. It reduces pollution and promotes a healthy ecosystem.

FACT 6: 783,000 international visitors came to Tanzania in 2010.  If each visitor stayed a week and drank 2 litres of bottled water every day, then 11 million plastic bottles would be discarded across the country!

-  When guests arrive on safari, they should each be given a stainless-steel, 750ml bottle (see example left).  These can be branded.
-  Encourage them use these, instead of the disposable plastic ones, filling up with clean, drinkable, water provided in bulk by the hotel, lodge or camp
-  Encourage everyone to take their bottles home and carry on using them there.

Wild Zambezi is encouraged to note that some safari companies in our area have already started providing their clients with environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic water bottles. 
Well done to the following companies for making the change:- Wilderness Safaris and African Bush Camps. 

We will let you know when other Wild Zambezi partners do the same!

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