Assistance for self-drivers: list of Zimbabwe official fines for road traffic offences (updated Dec 2015)

by • 7 December 2014

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Below is a list of OFFICIAL fines that guilty motorists must pay as far as Zimbabwe Government's Traffic Regulations are concerned.

NOTE:  (NOTE:  Recent  changes to this list announced in Dec 2015 have not been gazetting into law, so the list remains as at was in 2013.   Where there might be uncertainties because of this situation, we have highlighted the correct fines in BOLD so that motorists are aware of their rights.)

Self-drive visitors travelling on Zimbabwe's roads might like to print this list and keep it in the car, so that they are well informed if stopped at a Police Roadblock.

In addition, check out (and print) the very detailed and excellent "Cubby Hole Notes"  published on the website of 4x4 supplier, Big Sky Supplies in Harare  

Note that  anyone who is made to pay a fine at a traffic roadblock and is not sure how much he should have paid must immediately take the admission of guilt receipt to the nearest police station and get confirmation if they had been rightfully charged. If over charged they can immediately get their money refunded.


Fail to Display current vehicle licence: $5
Fail to produce documents within 7 days to Police: $5
Fail to produce documents within 7 days to VID: $10
Licence vehicle registered vehicle-all classes: $10
Fail to Display registration mark and Number Plate OR its illegible: $10
Fail to Notify change of ownership – 14 days:$10
No Number plate: $10
No rear Number plate light: $5
No Drivers licence: $20
No Insurance: $10
No white front reflectors: $5
No red rear reflectors: $5
No red 'T' on rear trailer: $10
Motor vehicle + Trailer longer than 8 Mtrs: $5
No amber side reflectors @ 4mtrs – each: $5
No red triangles: $15
No horn, fail to use or abuse horn: $10
No Stopping, No parking, no left or right turn: $5
Proceed against red robot (traffic light): $10
Proceed against amber robot (traffic light): $10
Encroach over white line at a robot: $10
Fail to stop at flash lights – Railway crossing: $20
Overtaking over solid white line: $20
Double parking: $5
Stop or park within 7.5 mt. of intersection: $15
Fail to give way to right-uncontrolled intersection: $15
Cut corner when turning right: $10

Signal – slow down, stop turn left or right: $10
Stop – minor accident: $20
Stop – serious accident: court

No headlights, one headlight or no side lights 5
No headlights or side lights 10Headlights causing dazzle: $15
No dip switch: $10
Foot brakes not working: $20
Hand brakes not working at all – max: $15
Unable to keep vehicle static when brake applied: $15
No windscreen wiper: $5
Windscreen not providing clear undistorted vision: $10
No exhaust silencer: $10
Inefficient exhaust silencer: $5
Causing excessive smoke: $10
Leaks of oil and fuel onto road: $5
Dangerous tyre – canvas showing – per tyre: $5

1-50: $10
51-200: $15
201-400: $20
+ 400: court

No Safety belt: $5
Spit in or from vehicle: $5
Discard rubbish from vehicle: $5
Verbally abusing other road users/abusive behaviour: $10


6-15: $5
16-25: $10
26-35: $15
36-50: $20
50+: court

Production of documents 7 days:
Fail to produce Documents: $5
Fail to produce Drivers licence: $20
Fail to produce Insurance: $5
Fail to produce Registration book to VID $10

Note that Police Officers must give rank, name and number.

Spot fines – Form Z69(j) Admission of Guilt.
Form 265 to pay fine at police station within 7 days.

For assistance you may call the following lines (but please do not abuse them):-

  • 24 HOUR ZRP National Complaints Line: +263 4 703631  
  • ZRP Public Relations Assistant – Sergeant Govere – +263 772 969485
  • The ZRP National Whatsapp hotline: +263 782 475000.
  • Spokesperson Traffic - Inspector Chigome: +263 772 951 537 
  • Officers’ Commanding, ZRP Traffic:  Bulawayo - Chief Superintendent Nyathi +263 9 887916 Cell:  +263 712 874452  Harare  -  Chief Superintendent Marufu +263 4 777642 Cell: +263 716 360698

SELF-DRIVING INTO ZIMBABWE ACROSS THE BEITBRIDGE BORDER?  Check out this Facebook page for information and help:

Comments (2)

Failure to display a current radio licence is now a $10 fine? Am I entitled to be given the licence then or I will have to buy it separately after paying the $10?

Bruce N16 May 2015
We believe that you are able to purchase the radio licence then and there, when fined. The cost will be an additional US$10 per term (or US$30 per year).

An addition since 1 January 2015 Failure to display current vehicle radio licence (if installed) $10 [Vehilcle Radio Licences now issued by Zinara]

Peter G28 January 2015

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