Tourism assistance at Kariba borderpost

Wild • 4 March 2015

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(This information was updated in October 2019)

The Zimbabwe  Tourism Authority (ZTA) in Kariba offers help to visitors who would like to cross between Zimbabwe and Zambia using the Kariba Bridge borderpost.

"As an office located in a border town, we also help with facilitation of tourists at the border the same way that Beitbridge does. We do not have a busy border so we cannot be there all the time, but if you need anyone coming into Kariba to be facilitated across the border, we can assist."

Please could you give us a heads up, before someone comes, so that we can liaise with the Port authorities on the requirements etc, so that the entry or exit will be flawless.

For more information contact:-

ZTA Kariba (for crossing at Kariba or Chirundu)
Email: or

Mobile: +263 783 838600

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