Changes to Zimbabwe's traffic fines

Wild Zambezi • 28 December 2015

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A hike in Zimbabwe's traffic fines was proposed in the 2016 budget that was presented in November 2015.  The new traffic fines have now been approved by the Zimbabwean parliament and they come into effective on 1 January 2016.

Here is a list of the CHANGES to the traffic fines, effective 1 January 2016:-  

US$100 fines (previously US$20)
Driving without a valid driver’s licence
Proceeding against a red traffic light
Driving a vehicle whose foot brakes are not working
Overtaking over a solid white line

US$20 fines (previously US$10)
Fail to signal a slow down, stopping or turning right or left
Cutting corner on turning right
Proceeding against amber robot
Verbally abusing other road users
Encroaching white lines at traffic light stops

US$10 fines (previously US$5)
Double Parking
No stopping, no parking, no left or right turn
Leaks of fuel and oil
Discarding rubbish from a vehicle
Spitting in or from vehicles

NOTE:  a previous (and comprehensive) list of fines was published by WILD ZAMBEZI  in December 2014 and has now been updated with the above changes.  You can read it here:-

Assistance for self-drivers: List of Zimbabwe official fines for road traffic offences

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