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River God Adventures • 5 March 2018

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River God Adventures are gearing up for April 2018, when they start their new season of pontoon sleeper-boat safaris exploring the Zambezi River between Chirundu and Kanyemba .  This Travel Blog lists their top 5 most favourite things about their trips last year:-


It goes without saying that the Lower Zambezi is a special place, but one of the great things about it, is it is still very much a sanctuary for the wildlife that inhabit it. With just a few dotted camps in and around the National Parks on Zambian and Zimbabwean soil, the animals still have a place they can call their own, and we were privileged enough to witness some incredible game in their element.

What’s more is we don’t have to do all of our game viewing from the boats!

Our Professional Guides have taken our guests exploring in some of the more unchartered areas of the magnificent Mana Pools National Park on both walking safaris as well as game drives in safari vehicles. 



The Lower Zambezi is the ultimate Tiger Fishing experience, but it does take a bit dedication and hard work! First in the early hours of the morning, guests must catch their live bait usually Bream or Chessa fish), then patiently wait for that sweet spot where the Tiger fish are biting.

The fishing isn’t just about catching that BUS of a tiger, however... there are all sorts of species found in this section of the river, all which require a different angling technique. So to keep our guests on their toes we like to change up our “species of the day” and see what the River delivers!



In addition to great wildlife sightings, a trip on River God Adventures will show you some absolutely incredible birdlife. A few of which are not found in many other parts of the world.

Some of my most favourite to witness on safari are the Southern Carmine Bee Eaters (left). These striking and vibrant birds tunnel their way into the banks of the river, digging vertical burrows as their cozy and safe refuge.

One can’t forget the call of the Fish Eagle (right), that unmistakable cry that echoes down the river and through the hills of the valley as he looks for his partner. Every time I hear that sound it takes me straight back to those peaceful days drifting down the Zambezi.


I’ve said it already, but the Lower Zambezi really is a special place, and on a River God Adventure you truly are in the middle of all its wonder.

Sometimes it's the contrast of an extreme visual panorama of a brilliant sunset, combined with the deafening silence - the lack of any distracting noise at all - that almost transcends reality into something that dreams are made of. There are very few skylines in the world that compare to an African sunset and in the wide open spaces of a River God Adventure, there are very few sunsets, sunrises or night skies that compare to anywhere in Africa.

And if the visual experience isn’t enough, wait until you taste some of the culinary creations that our Professional Chef can whip up to tantalize your tastebuds. It truly is remarkable what Dean can come up with given his limited kitchen and supplies, and its apparent that he enjoys every minute of it!


Finally best for last! River God Adventures would not be what is it without the unyielding commitment from our staff and the very people who make these trips possible - our guests!

From families, to couples, to “guys only” trips, to an "0" Level break for students; locals and internationals - ranging in ages from 7-70; last year proved that our safaris really are for anyone and everyone, and we certainly enjoyed having them! Each group was as unique as the very excursions they were a part of.

We also honestly believe that on any safari, especially ones like ours, it is the crew and staff who really make a trip unforgettable, and we have certainly struck gold with the members of River God Adventures! With this being the Challenger’s first year on the water, the crew did have to deal with some unforeseen hurdles (“Challenges” if you will...) along they way, but they never gave up and for that we are so grateful.

They have just as much fun as our guests and are so passionate about what they do, we don’t know what we would do without them.

Although Managing Director Cuan Meredith (left), doesn't get to go on all the trips, he certainly relishes in those opportunities when he does get to join in with our guests!  Guy Ferreira (second from left), our tried-and-true Professional guide has been with River God Adventures from the very beginning.  Chef Dean Dewdney (second from right) has such a passion for cooking and for life in general!  Stomin' Norman (right), our very patient skipper is a man of few words but boy does he get excited every time a guest gets a fish on the boat!

HUGE thanks to all of those who made our 2017 Season so successful and memorable! Here's to an even better 2018!  

For more information and contact details, see River God Adventures

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