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ACE Air and Ambulance & Wild Zambezi • 4 July 2018

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Top quality emergency air and road medical rescue services can now be accessed affordably by visitors to Southern Africa's remote areas, including the Zambezi Valley, through a subscription to ACE Air and Ambulance's Remote Rescue Package.

ACE, who work in partnership with their sister company HAC (Halsted's Aviation) provide a comprehensive emergency medical package of affordable air and road medical transportation with advanced, rapid response medical care using fully equipped ground and air ambulances. 

Subscriptions can be either short term - for an affordable $15 daily on arrival in Victoria Falls, or long-term - payble monthly for a minimum of 6 months - for long-stay visitors, diplomats, or local residents.  Safari Camps can also take out a yearly subscription of $100 per bed to cover clients staying with them ($50 to cover each staff member).  

"I have Travel Insurance - so why bother with an ACE Remote Rescue subscription?", you ask

Medical Aid and Travel Insurance companies take an average of 16 hours before authorising activation of the emergency services. In the event of an accident or medical emergency, delay in treatment can mean the difference between life and death. Rapid deployment of emergency medical services to provide on-site medical attention and transportation to the closest appropriate medical facility can make that difference.

No need for authorisation - this saves time and lives!

If you take out a subscription to ACE's advanced medical rescue service, they can activate their team of medical professionals immediately without the need to obtain authorisation from an insurance company. By contacting a single emergency number subscribed ACE members will be speaking to their 24-hour Medical Call Centre. 


•  Access to the ACE Call Centre 24/7.
•  Fully trained call handlers.
•  Support from critical care paramedics, nurses and doctors.
•  Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care provided by fully trained paramedics, flight nurses and doctors depending on the nature of the problem.
•  Transportation by ground ambulances, intensive care equipped fixed-wing air ambulances or HEMS (Medical Helicopter Service) to the nearest appropriate medical facility.
•  Affordable membership rates starting from as low as $15 daily.
•  No authorisation required.

So, when you leave on a safari to a remote area in Zimbabwe or the region, make sure that you are properly covered in case of any accident or emergency.   

  • Take out a daily ACE Remote Rescue Package subscription (Available Victoria Falls).  Joining fee $15, Daily rate $15 per day.
  • Check in advance with your Safari Operator whether the camp(s) you are staying at have ACE Remote Rescue cover for their clients. 
  • If you are a local resident or diplomat or a visitor who intends to stay for 6 months or more in the country, take out a long-term ACE membership subscription.  Costs differ, so for more detail, contact ACE direct.  

For contact details and more, see ACE Air and Ambulance  

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