Fun activities for kids to do in Victoria Falls

Africa Albida Tourism - Tyla Crabbe & Marianne Betts • 28 November 2018

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Victoria Falls is renowned for the plethora of activities on offer, but less is known about what is fun for kids.

Here are the top picks compiled by the Africa Albida Tourism group (owners of Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Victoria Falls Safari Club, Victoria Falls Safari Suites, Lokuthula Lodges and The Boma - Dinner and Drum Show)

Visiting the Victoria Falls Rainforest is probably even more fun for kids than it is for adults! Not only do the little mites get to take in the unparalleled beauty of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, they get to run through a rainforest, get soaked to the skin, and spot monkeys, baboons and bushbuck! The Falls can either be explored as part of a guided tour or independently with adult supervision

What better way for kids to discover their inner musician?!  The Boma- Dinner & Drum Show offers the only restaurant-based interactive drumming show in Zimbabwe! This “feast of fun” also features a four-course African themed dinner where there are so many new and exciting things to try – most famously, a mopane worm, where the bold are rewarded with a certificate!

But there’s also crocodile, warthog and eland as well as vegetarian dishes to tempt the tastebuds, just to name a few. Face painting, hair braiding and a fortune teller are all part of the fun-filled extravaganza.

The Vulture Culture Experience is a supplementary feeding program at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, which provides the spectacular sight of hundreds of vultures swooping to feed on leftover meat scraps from the onsite restaurants. The audience is also educated on the plight of these remarkable, but endangered birds. The activity, which is free, can be rounded off with lunch at the Buffalo Bar or MaKuwa-Kuwa Restaurant, where the kids’ menu features delights such as the “baby vulture burger” (it is really chicken or beef!) or bangers and mash, followed by ice cream or chocolate dipped fruit, and $1 from selected meals is donated to vulture conservation.

Swinging through the tree tops along a series of nine zip lines, up to nearly 90m long, is a unique and fun-filled way to experience the spectacular Batoka Gorge, beneath Victoria Falls. It allows a bird’s-eye view of the turbulent Zambezi River as well as the opportunity to spot fish eagles and peregrine falcons, among other birds, and the endlessly entertaining vervet monkeys. This Wild Horizons-run activity takes about two hours and is suitable 
for children aged six and up.

The Crocodile Farm, which is home to more than 35,000 crocodiles ranging from babies to full grown adults, both educates and captivates. During feeding time, youngsters may witness enormous crocodiles leaping out of the water, snapping at meat dangling above them, and they may also relish the opportunity to hold a baby crocodile. There are also ostriches and lions, as well as a museum that begs exploration.

The facility gives children a glimpse into the amazing world of snakes. It is home to some of the largest and most venomous snakes, spiders and scorpions found in Zimbabwe, which are in enclosures designed to mimic their natural habitat. The open-air building allows children to view these incredible creatures up close in a safe environment. Tour guides provide an in-depth and hands on experience, and children are offered the opportunity to handle non-venomous snakes.

Which kid doesn’t love a tram ride? And when it takes you through breath-taking scenery and over an historic bridge, even better! This replica 19th century tram, launched by Pure Africa in August, takes passengers across the historic Victoria Falls Bridge, past the spectacular Batoka Gorge and Victoria Falls. The 2.5-hour lunch time Zambezi Tram trip begins at the Victoria Falls Railway Station, where, on arrival, guests are served refreshments and freshly-made baguettes, before the gentle ride to the bridge begins, offering the opportunity to spot wildlife en route. Guests are taken to the small museum on the Zambian side of the border, for an entertaining presentation on the construction of the Victoria Falls Bridge.

Exploring Victoria Falls and its surrounds on two wheels is a novel (and active!) way to enjoy the destination. Victoria Falls Bike Tours (run by Wild Horizons) offer two-hour trips – early morning, mid-morning and afternoon, with children’s bicycles available, meaning youngsters aged six and up can participate. Sights may include the Victoria Falls Bridge, craft markets, the iconic Big Tree (an ancient baobab) and the Zambezi River.

Art of Africa specialises in art workshops, giving visitors the opportunity to paint the spectacular scenery around Victoria Falls, such as The Wallow: Painting with the Elephants, Art and Culture Village Tour, as well as drum painting, finger painting and beading.

Their sessions, which are led by a personal tutor, and are available to all age groups – including children, and all artistic abilities. In addition, they do workshops for kids on request. It is also a lovely activity for families to do together.









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