11 Reasons to Book a Stay on Chundu Island

Chundu Island • 3 March 2019

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1. A bit of beach, a bit of bush
Those looking to enjoy an African adventure holiday that incorporates both beach and bush vibes will be in their element on Chundu Island. Step out of your river suite and onto a fine white-sand beach, or cross the Zambezi River with a canoe and discover the vast Zambezi National Park. Chundu Island, as a holiday destination, redefines the phrase best of both worlds.

2. Island living in the heart of Africa
Since Chundu Island can only accommodate 20 people at a time, you’re almost guaranteed to feel like you’re vacationing on your very own island – nestled away from the rest of the world. 

3. Victoria Falls is a stone’s throw
Alright, the heading is a bit misleading. Chundu Island is situated around 21 kilometres upstream from the mighty Victoria Falls. The town of Victoria Falls is a hive of activity most of the year round, and offers visitors opportunity to mingle with the locals, purchase traditional African keepsakes, and take in the experience of African living. Chat to the Chundu Island staff about catching one of our vehicular transfers to Victoria Falls.

4. Daytime and night-time safaris
Whether you like to see everything clearly while on safari, or you enjoy the exhilaration of a night-time adventure drive, you’ll love going on safari with Chundu Island. Enjoy a chauffeur-driven safari with the whole family or challenge yourself by taking part in a walking safari – lead by armed guides – through the Zambezi National Park.

5. On-island herbivores and birdlife
Chundu Island is home to a loveable family of bushbuck, as well as a troop of inquisitive monkeys and a smorgasbord of birdlife including the rare and revered Schalow’s Turaco. On the odd occasion Chundu Island hosts visitors from across the river, including elephant and hippo. For those in search of larger wildlife, most of them can be found in the surrounding Zambezi National Park. 

6. The kids are in safe hands
As a way to ensure you and your guests enjoy your African holiday to the fullest, Chundu Island offers on-island child minding services from 6:30am to 10:00pm. The Chundu Island child minders will ensure that your children are fed on time, and that they are kept safe and sound while you enjoy the many activities the island has to offer!

7. Variety of accommodation options
Chundu Island boasts three different types of accommodation to offer visitors. There are six river suites, two larger family suites on the opposite end of the island, and four off-island safari camps within the Zambezi National Park. 

8. Value-adding amenities and services
Chundu Island is proud to offer all visitors one of the most comfortable stays on the African continent! Amenities in each accommodation suite include:
· Double vanity (basins and mirrors)
· Mosquito nets
· Outdoor shower
· Overhead fans
· Private deck with daybeds
· Basic complimentary laundry service
· Flip-flops and kikoys
· Mini-bar & coffee station

9. Competitive rates and discounts
The Chundu Island rates are highly competitive, and include all meals, cold drinks, coffee & tea, local beers and house wines. This means that you’re able to pay one amount for your entire Chundu Island experience! What’s more, Chundu offers long-stay discounts and special rates for early bookings! 

10. Activities for the whole family
A holiday destination wouldn’t be worth much if it didn’t have a bunch of exciting activities to enjoy! The activities you can experience on and around Chundu Island include:
· Safari drives & walks
· Canoeing on the Zambezi River
· Sundowner cruises
· River fishing
· Island walks
· Bird watching]
· In-room spa treatments
· Helicopter flips
· Children’s Club


11. Consideration for the environment
To ensure we care for the fragile environment, Chundu Island is fitted with a modern solar energy system that captures and converts the sun’s free energy into electrical power used to power our lodge. For this reason, we don’t have air conditioners and do not permit the use of devices like hairdryers, kettles or hair straighteners. Rest assured, we have charging spots in each suite to charge cellphones, laptops, cameras and similar devices.

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