Zambezi River water levels over Victoria Falls - the facts

Wild Horizons • 30 October 2019

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Thanks to Victoria Falls tour operators, Wild Horizons for this on-the-ground pictorial illustration of the monthly fluctuations of the Zambezi River over Victoria Falls.

While the thunderous temper of the Victoria Falls has been somewhat restrained in 2019 in the absence of rain, weather experts report that we will soon see the waterfall in her full splendour.

The water level is currently 11cm below average over the past ten years. However, it is 3cm higher than the lowest level recorded in 1995, and it is unlikely to reach 1995 lows. Over the past ten years, the river reaches its lowest level around the 15th of November, and then begins to rise again.

At this time of year, there is always more water flowing over the Zimbabwean side of the Victoria Falls, simply because it is slightly lower than on the Zambian side. The water levels experienced a more pronounced drop this year because the  catchment area received below-average rainfall during the 2018/2019 rainy season. However, the October heat brings with it the promise of rain.

While we await the glorious African thunderstorms to roll in towards the end of November, Wild Horizons encourage guests to take advantage of the fantastic game viewing, Devil’s Pool in Zambia and rafting expeditions, all of which are enhanced by the lower water levels.

Editor's Note:  Please share this factual information in order to avoid the spread of misleading information on Social Media.

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