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Gwen Wawn - Safaris 4 Africa • 8 February 2020

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The term “green season” is often used as a euphemism for the rainy season by travel authorities and operators around the world.

This period in Zimbabwe and most of Southern Africa runs from mid-November to March and you will certainly see a transformation to the flora and fauna which turns the dry bush into a green wonderland.

Despite the myth that the greener season is not always the best time for game viewing, we can tell you that it is undeniably a time worth visiting, and with the costs usually lower, you receive even better value for your African safari.

Gwen Wawn, founder of Safaris 4 Africa loves this time of year:-

"I would thoroughly recommend travelling in the green season. Normally amazing storms build up during the day and then there is a short, sharp downfall of rain, with all of Nature's firework effects.  This is a spectacle in itself.

The rainy season in Africa is the time of rebirth for the bush.  Besides the cost of a safari being much cheaper, you will experience the most amazing wildlife, as most of the animals have given birth and there are lots of babies running around.

There is incredible clarity of light; amazing sunsets and sky effects, and the birdlife is prolific - more so than in the normal safari season, as all the migrants have arrived from Europe and the region.

This experience is enhanced by emerald green lawns of grass, set amongst vibrant forests.

For photographers there is less dust in the air and wonderful contrast in colours.

For single travellers it is a great time to travel as the camps and lodges  generally do not charge a single room supplement."

For bookings during the "green season" (indeed for any time of the year), and advice on everything to do with travel in Southern Africa - contact Safaris 4 Africa.

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