SURVEY FOR ZIMBABWEAN RESIDENTS - How will you travel after the COVID-19 Lockdown?

Wild Zambezi • 27 April 2020

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As Zimbabwe slowly emerges from weeks of lockdown in the face of the Coronavirus threat, we all face an uncertain period and difficult choices.  Our travel industry has been severely hit as the world's travel horizons have shrunk. Now is the time for some new ideas, directions and creative options to ensure that Zimbabwe's travel businesses remain viable and potential visitors have travel options to look forward to. 

In the short term, it will only be Zimbabwean Residents who are allowed to travel within our country.  So TRAVEL LOCAL will be the focus for quite some while.  

WILD ZAMBEZI would like to hear what travel options people living in Zimbabwe would like best once they are allowed to travel again.  This information will help to inform our travel industry players and assist them in adapting their products, facilities, services and pricing to what people most want. 

So we have put together a short SURVEY below, for Zimbabwean Residents to complete and send back to us.   

You can either copy the questions below into an e-mail or Word document, add your answers, and send the lot back to WILD ZAMBEZI by e-mail at this address:


Complete the survey online via this SURVEY MONKEY Link  (quick and easy - only 2 mins!)



1.  Which area(s) would you like to travel to?
    - Victoria Falls
    - Lake Kariba
    - Kariba Town
    - Chirundu
    - Mana Pools
    - Lower Zambezi (Sapi-Chewore)
    - Other (please specify)  

2.  What type of holiday break will be you looking for? 
    - Houseboat cruise
    - Hotel/Resort stay
    - Safari Lodge
    - Safari Camp (tented)
    - National Parks chalet/lodge
    - Holiday-let house
    - Camping
    - Other (please specify)

3.  What would be your preferred choice (you may choose more than one option):-
    - Self-catering
    - Half-board (simple catering, 2 main meals a day)
    - Full board (3 meals, teas, snacks, drinks)
    - Road/boat transfer included
    - Self-drive (own vehicle)
    - Self-drive (own boat)
    - Professional Guide included
    - Other, (please specify)

4.  How many people would you like to travel with? 
    - Couple only (2)
    - Family with kids (4-6)
    - Family with friends (8)
    - Small group (8-14)
    - Large group (14+)

5.  What type of activities would you enjoy on your holiday break? 
    - Fishing
    - Game viewing by vehicle or boat
    - Bush walking (guided or not)
    - Bird-watching
    - Sight-seeing
    - Shopping
    - Relaxing
    - Horse-riding
    - Other (please specify)

6.  How much are you prepared to spend in US$ (per person per night)?
    - Less than $50 ppp night
    - $50 - $100 ppp night 
    - $100 - $150 ppp night
    - $150 - $200 ppp night
    - $200 - $250 ppp night
    - $250+ ppp night

7.  Any other comments or suggestions?


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