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WILD ZAMBEZI is delighted to present the results of our

 How will you travel after the COVID-19 Lockdown?

Thank you to the nearly 100 Wild Zambezi followers in Zimbabwe who took the time to respond! 

We apologise if you were only allowed to choose one answer to each question, but well done to those who added their additional answers in the "Other" section! These were all included!  

Here is what you told us:-








1.  Lots and lots of specials to entice people to get into their cars and drive to their favourite spots. 

2.  Accommodation in Zimbabwe is far too expensive for locals.  The  per person per night is ridiculous.  Overseas you pay for a room.  As a family of five we are unable to go anywhere for less than $600 per night because basic costs are always around $120pppn even on special offers.  There is no middle ground, either top end luxury or very basic.  Management seem to prefer to have a few clients paying full whack rather than to have a busy and buzzy lodge.  In Kenya, when I grew up, lodges would put out last-minute offers at huge discounts simply so that they could keep their lodges and staff occupied, which gave a good feel.  And when I say last minute, it would be for this weekend – 2 rooms available, type thing.  There is nothing worse than going for dinner and finding you are 2 tables out of what should or could be 12 or 20!  It also enables locals to enjoy facilities that normally we wouldn’t even bother to look at due to price, and perhaps encourage us to save for that special trip or special occasion and return.  Currently we as Zimbabweans find it better value to travel overseas or to other neighbouring countries for better value.  The cost of the boat trips across Kariba to lodges are unbelievably expensive.  

3.  Really looking forward to supporting local tourism to help get companies through these difficult times.   

4.  I think Zimbabwe is extremely expensive when you compare to Mauritius / Europe etc in comparison...and for locals they should really cut costs right down and try for higher turn around /volume and much less profit.

5.  Would love to but can`t afford  any of it as an octogenarian pensioner so will have to remain in lockdown.

6.  Somehow fixed-base operations need to offer great deals to locals…whole dry camp, bring all own booze/ice/food perhaps?  Offer for Guides to bring own local mates and self-guide etc…. camps and permanent accoms need to be at least covering base costs.  Food service can be a bit more basic, perhaps no morning biscuits, game-drive snacks, sundowner snacks – guests to bring own…. Might save a bit on buying, transport, staff etc costs, especially if running on skeleton staff i.e. less shiftwork to be done etc??   PARKS needs to do massive advertising campaign to get people into the Parks.  Perhaps they got to do up some flyers and partner with tour operators and agents to distribute information to all friends and local contacts.  Am sure if it’s just getting info out then people would do it without costs.   But PARKS could incentivise guides etc. to bring friends etc.  ie. we get given nett rates?  Too many guides and hunters are going to be kicking their heels!!

7. Well done.
8. Encourage longer stays with family oriented educational and experiential activities and get the Operators to incentivise longer stays by aggressive pricing
9.  Do not overcharge basing everything on USd prices!!!!!!!

10  Can't wait to get out of Harare & enjoy what we have to offer in Zim!
11.  Self drive, self catering, local.
12.  Place must have electricity and some privacy.
13.  Who earns US$ to be able to afford to go on holiday?
14.  Would pay more depending on full board..transfers etc
15.  My choices would vary for example if I was able to go to Nyanga I would want self catering cottage but for Mana and Gona re Zhou, I want to camp. I would prefer to go with just 3 or 4 friends. Maybe Hippo Pools, maybe Matopos....
16.  The last few years, as a local, I felt very uncared for in Victoria Falls... I will go back there but they should not forget that it have been locals who have helped them through their difficult times the last 20 years.

17. Thanks

18. Companies need to make things affordable for locals.
19. We have been regular visitors to Tiger Safaris at Chirundu and find them very good value. However most other camps at Mana Pools are well beyond a local's budget. One fishing camp I contacted several years ago quoted the price of a return ticket to UK for 3 days accommodation! All top expensive.    
20. Pricing needs to be reviewed. Especially for locals. We don’t all earn US$ and whilst we want to go and support places it’s seriously cost prohibitive when you add in Parks fees, cost of fuel, etc. Also friends from the UK etc are always confused about dual pricing etc so always opt for SA over Zim because it’s much cheaper and we all pay the same. Multi-tier pricing is too complicated.
21. Personally smaller group 6 pax plus one guide.
22. Local resorts need to bear in mind that local zimbos can't nearly pay what internationals do. So a happy medium has to be found to encourage the local traveller
23. Hoping local travel companies will reduce their prices. We want to travel and we should be competing on the same price offering as our SA neighbours if not cheaper. We have always been over priced

24. I’m happy with somewhere to camp or stay that’s clean and comfortable - and well mozzie proofed. If in catered accommodation, tasty and simple local fare is way better than fancy imported stuff. One doesn't need to be overfed.

25.  More marketing should be done online so that we get to understand the resorts areas we have in Zimbabwe


WILD ZAMBEZI will be reporting the results of this survey back to Zimbabwe's travel industry, to assist them with planning for the Post-Lockdown period and for the future.  


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I find it quite interesting that not one comment about NP reducing their fees!!!

Derek Adamson19 May 2020
Thank you Derek. If anyone wishes to provide additional comments on this 'Travel Local' Survey, please feel free to do so here.

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