Funding Appeal launched for Zambezi Mounted Anti-Poaching (ZAMAP)

Zambezi Horse Safaris • 17 June 2020

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Well-wishers and supporters of Zambezi Horse Safaris in Victoria Falls have launched a Go Fund Me Appeal to assist their team of riders and scouts - now known as Zambezi Mounted Anti-Poaching (ZAMAP) - so that they are able to continue their vital work protecting wildlife in areas in and around the resort town.

Until recently, the anti-poaching work done by the team was wholly funded by the safari side of the business, with tourism playing a vital role in conservation.  But due to the current world-wide circumstances the support that tourism brings is no longer there. 

The owner-manager of Zambezi Horse Safaris, Alison Baker, is a passionate conservationist and supporter of animal welfare, who goes out of her way to rescue any animal that needs help.

Alison and her team of scouts and horses have, very quietly, played an important role in wildlife conservation for years. They are an integral part of anti-poaching work around Victoria Falls, doing daily patrols in areas that other units cannot reach by road or on foot. They are constantly on the lookout for poaching activities, snares and injured animals. This often means assisting to track wounded animals and removing the snares.

While Zimbabwe has been in lockdown, wildlife poaching has erupted.  Alison and her team have not missed a day of working against it. This has been done entirely at the company’s expense but now, without the income from tourism which normally helps to fund their commitment, they are struggling to survive. 

The Go Fund Me Appeal is asking for help so that the Zambezi Mounted Anti-Poaching (ZAMAP) team can continue this important and demanding work, while making sure that the scouts can be paid, and the horses are properly cared for.  

They hope to raise £10,000.  Donations will enable the team to continue vital patrols and surveillance, thereby ensuring a prompt response to poached, snared or injured wildlife. If they can raise £10,000 from contributions, a generous donor will match the amount and help Alison, the scouts and horses continue their vital work.  

Patrols, sightings and related events for all anti-poaching units are logged and collected. Regular updates are published so donors can see exactly where their donation is going.

If you would like to help, please consider making a donation via the Go Fund Me Appeal.

To follow the work of Zambezi Mounted Anti-Poaching (ZAMAP) click on the website, Facebook or Instagram links on Zambezi Horse Safaris' listing on

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