A SAFARI ON WATER - cruising along the Zambezi with Victoria Falls River Lodge

Victoria Falls River Lodge • 20 March 2023

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The traditional safari on the back of a game-drive vehicle is a familiar experience for tourists visiting different parts of Africa. However, the lesser explored option – a River Safari – is offered as one of two complimentary activities guests can participate in when overnighting at Victoria Falls River Lodge.

Experiencing the mighty Zambezi River – also known as the “Great River” or “River of Life” – from the luxury of a private river cruiser is a unique and magical experience guests are privy to experience during their stay at Victoria Falls River Lodge.

Two River Safari options are on offer for guests visiting the lodge: the Sunrise Zambezi River Cruise where visitors can watch the mighty Zambezi River awake in the first rays of the African sun, or enjoy a sundowner on the Sunset Zambezi River Cruise, fondly referred to as Mother Nature’s Happiest Hour.

While the cruises at both times of the day offer their own unique charm and natural splendour, one thing visitors can be assured of is the abundant wildlife they will encounter – on the riverbanks and in the river itself.

Victoria Falls River Lodge Group General Manager Roddy Meiring says the river cruises offer guests a unique experience of viewing many species of animals in the comfort of Victoria Falls River Lodge’s stylish luxury pontoon boats.

“Animals they will encounter on their river cruises include hippos, crocodiles, elephants as well as a wide range of bird life species. In the drier months they will also be able to see buffalo, giraffe, kudus, waterbuck, and warthogs on their river safaris,” says Meiring.

In addition to the ‘show’ the wildlife and birds are bound to put on for guests cruising along the river, the natural vegetation and warm African sun combined with the spray of the Victoria Falls downstream provide a fitting stage for the lucky audience of between 8 to 10 guests on the boat.

“With our location further upstream away from the busier jetty sites, we provide unique river routes. Our boats are also smaller and more manoeuvrable so we can go in low water areas where other larger boats cannot get to,” says Meiring.
Guests are accompanied on their river cruises by a private guide who will not only be providing interesting facts about the river and wildlife but also be serving refreshments during the trip.

Items to bring along on a river cruise include a camera, hat, sunglasses, sunblock, insect repellent, a good pair of binoculars as well as a jacket for the cooler months.

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