Wild Zambezi • 16 May 2024

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Tourism stakeholders in Kariba have been working with local air charter company, Falcon Air, in recent months to formulate weekly affordable charter flights in 12-seater twin engine aircraft between Harare and Lake Kariba. 

With the extensive re-building of the main Harare-Chirundu highway which links to Kariba, easy and safe access to Lake Kariba has been severely undermined. The road construction works will take some considerable time to complete. This, and the absence of an affordable, regular flight service into Kariba has prompted the recent initiative with Falcon Air. 

Charter Flights will commence in June 2024. Two 12-seater twin engine Cessna F406 Caravans (pictured), will be available for chartered flights between Charles Prince Airport just outside Harare, Kariba Main airport close to Kariba town and one other Lake Kariba shoreline destination airfield e.g. Kanjedza, Tashinga or Bumi, determined by the highest number of clients going to a specific destination. 

Special opening rates (limited to two months) will be available for these chartered flights. The prices will be for return flights Harare – Kariba Main, or Harare to one of the three bush strips in the area.

Falcon Air are based at Charles Prince Airport where they have secure parking and a departure lounge.

However, if required, and circumstances permitting, a chartered flight will be initiated out of Harare Main Airport. 

Several of the Kariba tourism stakeholders are offering combined flight and accommodation packages at special rates in support of this initiative.

Going forward, it is anticipated that booking agents and operators will integrate these Charter Services into package deals to combine different lodges, camps, hotels, or houseboats in the Zambezi region. 

For more information and bookings, contact Falcon Air:
Tinashe: (+263) 773 994 414,
Elton: (+263) 772 697 182/ 0713 236 397,
Mercy: (+263) 773 298 385 or Email: ddffalconair@gmail.com

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