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New Air Taxi links Vic Falls-Hwange-Bumi-Kariba-Mana Pools 31 January 2012 by No comments yet

Wild Zambezi is excited about a new Air Taxi initiative to provide cost effective air access to some of Zimbabwe s top safari and wildlife areas. Safari Logistics has been launched by African Bush Camps to link hotels, lodges, camps and safaris in Victoria Falls, Hwange, Bumi Hills/Matusadona, Kariba and Mana Pools with a 4-seater Cessna 206 a...

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A fitting 50th! 4 November 2011 by No comments yet

The 50th Anniversary Kariba Invitational Tiger Fish Tournament (KITFT) held between 26th and 29th October 2011 was a spectacular festival and a truly memorable occasion enjoyed by more than 2000 enthusiastic anglers and their supporters. Mana Meadows reports: Long after the fishing-shirt tans have faded, the tiger have been mounted and t...

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Catch a Tiger in Kariba! 18 October 2011 Cheryl Robertson, No comments yet

Fishing enthusiasts from all over the world keen to reel in a tiger are gearing up to take on one of Africa s most aggressive predatory game fish in the annual Kariba Invitation Tiger Fish Tournament (KITFT) at Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. The biggest tiger fish ever caught in this competition weighed 12.735 kilograms, and the 2009 record hold...

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Mana Pools: proposed new lodge development 8 August 2011 by No comments yet

A new 24-30-bed Nyamepi Lodge, tourism development is proposed on the Zimbabwean banks of the Zambezi River in the Mana Pools National Park and World Heritage Site. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is underway for the proposed lodge which is to be sited 3 kms downstream of the Parks HQ at Nyamepi, on the eastern bank of the Mana River...

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Mana Pools road network expanded 24 July 2011 by No comments yet

Several new road tracks have recently been opened up in the hinterland forest areas of Mana Pools (away from the Zambezi River) in an effort to reduce visitor traffic pressure on the ecologically-sensitive floodplain alluvial terraces that make this Park so special. Mana Pools is becoming an increasingly popular destination for self-driv...

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Steve Pope: Professional Guide Extraordinaire 21 June 2011 by Wild Zambezi No comments yet

It is with deepest regret that WILD ZAMBEZI reports the tragic death of Steve Pope, one of the Zambezi Valley s most experienced professional guides of long standing. Steve succumbed to cancer on 15th May 2011, aged just over 60, after a long and successful wildlife safari career. Through his semi-participatory safaris, bushwalking, campi...

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Zimbabwe has the best climate on Earth! 4 February 2011 by No comments yet

We ve heard this before... but they re saying it again. According to International Living Magazine s 2011 Quality of Life Index, published this January, Zimbabwe ties with the Mediterranean island of Malta for having the best climate on Earth! And here s the proof! This happy picture, taken by Melissa Wynn, of her family in the swimming...

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Mana Pools: Call for a moratorium 4 December 2010 by No comments yet

WILD ZAMBEZI reported recently that, less than a year after international outrage at Protea Hotels Zambia seeking to develop a 72-room conference facility on the banks of the Zambezi River right opposite Mana Pools National Park and World Heritage Site, Zimbabwe s cash-strapped Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has now asked stakeholders to r...

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Radio collar removed from Mana Pools lioness 25 November 2010 by No comments yet

Many visitors to the Zambezi River at Mana Pools have enjoyed wonderful wildlife photographic experiences in the company of an old lioness and her family who frequents the area around Nyamepi Camp and the National Parks lodges. This old lady, now a great-grandmother, still roams the area in the company of her daughters and their offspring. So...

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New Mana Pools lodge controversy 6 October 2010 by No comments yet

Zimbabwe s Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) has asked stakeholders to ratify proposals for several new lodge developments in the Mana Pools National Park and World Heritage Site. The proposals include: - three new semi-permanent 24-bed lodge tourism development sites along the Zambezi River frontage of the Park - one new ...

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