Rod and Reel - fishing on Lake Kariba

Musango Safari Camp • 30 September 2019

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Lake Kariba, created by the damming of the mighty Zambezi River in the 1950s, is still the largest man-made lake, by volume, in the world, extending some 280 kms in length and over 5000 km² in area. This is twice the size of Wales.

The Zambezi River, below Victoria Falls, is home to many species of fish, such as bream, catfish, Cornish jack, bottlenose, chessa, nkupe, squeaker, eel and of course the famous fighting tiger fish.

The most popular fish caught in Lake Kariba - is the bream (tilapia) - pictured here - of which there are many types.  These fish are a table delight, sought after by all hotels and safari camps for their high-quality white flesh and delicious taste.

The tiger fish (Hydrocynnus vittatus) - pictured below - is, pound for pound, one of the world’s finest fighting fish, attracting fishermen from every corner of the globe and offering the angler a never-to-be-forgotten and exhilarating experience.

Lake Kariba hosts the annual international tiger fishing tournament held in October where many teams participate and compete for the big prizes at the end of the three-day event. This event has evolved into one of the largest single freshwater species tournaments in the world. The start-up line on the opening day is a sight to behold with anything up to 50 speed boats roaring off at the sound of the starting gun.

Musango Safari Camp offers angling of all species found in the lake, with an emphasis on the tigerfish, bream and vundu (the largest of all catfish weighing up to 50kgs).

Tackle and bait are supplied by the camp, as well as boats and professional guides, who will take you to all their secret and special fishing spots.

Fly fishing is the fastest growing angling sport and many a large tiger fish and bream have been landed on fly from Musango. We offer all the required fly-fishing rods, tackle and pontoons. 

If it’s a large fish you desire then we offer the largest fish found in Zimbabwe, the huge vundu (Heterobranchus longifilis) to challenge your angling skills. Fish as large as 40kgs have been landed at Musango. We strongly believe in and adhere to the “catch and release” policy, so all fish except bream for the kitchen are released as soon as possible after catching.

The best season to catch fish at Musango is just before the onset of winter and during the warmer spring and summer months. August through to April is the best period when the climate is more conducive to fishing, however we do boast a fantastic climate and one can catch fish all year round. 

While you are fishing, the game viewing is wonderful, so there's no chance of anglers getting bored. Herds of elephants, buffalo, kudu, impala, zebra and the odd pride of lion are often seen while fishing or on a game cruise. Musango boasts over 400 species of birds and we guarantee over 50 species on the first day of birding for the avid ‘twitcher’.

So come and test your skills on the lake at Musango Safari Camp for an unforgettable angling experience. 

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