2019 Highlights at Camp Mana

Camp Mana (Sunpath Safaris) • 20 December 2019

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Camp Mana, which began operations in Mana Pools in 2018, enjoyed its first full safari season during 2019. 

The team reflects on the highlights and achievements during this extremely busy and challenging year, given the drought situation that prevailed. 

"We are delighted with the response that we have had from our Camp Mana guests. Looking through our client feedback forms and tripadvisor comments it is clear that we are well on our way to achieving recognition for both our environmental sensitivity and guiding standards.

These were two of our important goals and the response that we have received indicates that we are attracting the correct guests and providing them with the things that they value. This a fantastic foundation on which to build next season.

While our massively improved occupancies and rave reviews were reason to celebrate, the suffering and death associated with the drought in Mana Pools had an enormous impact on all of us.

The staff at Camp Mana threw themselves at the various conservation emergencies that arose as a result of the drought. One day we would be capturing orphaned baby elephants, the next we would be digging animals out of the mud with other tourism colleagues and regularly we would be loading emergency hay bales for distribution along the shoreline.

And our staff managed all of this while providing excellent service to our guests, sometimes uncomplainingly working extra-long hours into the night. We all hope for excellent rains over the next few months so that our beloved Mana Pools may recover. 
Please have a look at the reviews for Camp Mana (some of them appear on our Wild Zambezi Listings page HERE).  We look forward to hosting you next year."

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