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Wild Zambezi travel network partners • 15 August 2020

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If you're thinking about planning a safari to Africa - to somewhere like the Zambezi Valley - there are some mouth-watering options to choose from. 

Cost is always a primary decision-making factor, of course.  But aside from that, it's sometimes hard to discover what distinguishes a particular safari camp or destination from any of the others, or to find out what experiences you might have that you won't get anywhere else.

So, for this WILD ZAMBEZI TRAVEL FEATURE, we asked our travel network partners to tell us

What’s UNIQUE about us ?

Here's what they came up with! :-

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1.  Zambezi Truth Dhows - a barefoot connection to the sailing pioneers of the Zambezi
2.  Zambezi Cruise & Safaris - a unique safari combining the best of land and water
3.  Wild Dog Tours - selling family travel experiences to Zimbabwe's fabulous inland sea
4.  Victoria Falls Safari Lodge - positively impacting on the environment, culture and people of Victoria Falls
5.  Victoria Falls River Lodge - luxury treehouse suites on an island in the Zambezi River, linked to a mainland lodge in a National Park
6.  Travel Portfolio - cappuccino in the garden while planning your holiday
7. Stretch Ferreira Safaris - award-winning professional guiding and a very personalised safari experience
8. Safaris 4 Africa - specialists in finding you unique experiences that lend themselves to life-long memories. 
9.  River God Adventures - 5-day sleep-aboard cruising adventure down the Zambezi 
10.  Rhino Safari Camp - simplicity in the wild - no routines, no fences, only Nature.
11.  Musango Safari Camp - a family-friendly safari destination with so much history and so many stories to tell.
12. Kavinga Safari Camp - awesome close-up wildlife photo opportunities from inside a "hide" disguised as a termite mound!
13.  Imvelo Safaris - changing the way you safari, with an experiential circuit of unique adventures.
14.  Heartveld Adventures - its not so much the "what" but the "who" that makes us unique!
15.  Camp Mana - setting an example for a camp with minimal environmental footprint
16.  Caribbea Bay - think of a Mediterranean-style beach resort under the African sun.


1.  Zambezi Truth Dhows, Zambezi River, upstream of Victoria Falls.
There is something healing about being barefoot.  Our feet hold the travel stories of the past and possibilities of the future.  Removing one’s shoes has a magical effect.  As we leave them behind in a kist upon the jetty, so we disrobe ourselves of the concerns laced up in our lives. Stepping barefoot into a handcrafted wooden dhow, one feels liberation combined with anticipation for the voyage ahead. Feet rooted to the wood of East Africa, Zambezi wind upon one’s face and captured by sails; an infusion of complete freedom coupled with absolute immersion.  Tales of pioneers are recounted by the dhow Captain, guiding our minds through the channels of history, linking past to present. Pioneers in their own right, the dhows have forged their own cross-continental memoire. A completely exclusive experience – the only ones on the river – the epitome of unique. Sailing past the national park, eyes peeled for wildlife, one is enveloped by the sound of wind and water alone. Aboard a Zambezi Truth dhow, with soles upon wood, and souls answering to the call of our roots, we find ourselves in nature; the personification of peace.     Back to Index


2.  Zambezi Cruise & Safaris, boats & lodges on Lake Kariba

Zambezi Cruise and Safaris combine the best of land and water to give the traveller the most exciting and exhilarating trip on the wild side:  a unique safari experience. No matter which end of Lake Kariba you want to start or end your cruise, be it BingaMasumu River Lodge or KaribaKariba Safari Lodge,  we have  got you covered.  Experience the magic of a Zimbabwean safari on a luxurious cruise boat, as you gently traverse the cool blue waters of Lake Kariba.  Relax on one of our elegant decks under the glorious Zimbabwean sun or enjoy the most magnificent sunsets on the horizon, an ice cold beer close by whilst you watch grazing wild animals on the shores of Lake KaribaUmbozha, The Shikra, Karabezi, Sovereign and Nhingi make up our fleet, offering air-conditioned lounge and bar areas and stylish interiors, with panoramic views of the lake and landscape beyond.  All cabins are air conditioned, each with en-suite shower and WC.  Have an up close and personal encounter with the wild, enjoy amazing birding or try your hand at fishing, as our tender boats meander through the bays and shorelines, giving unparalleled photo opportunities and experiences from the water.      Back to Index


3. Wild Dog Tours, Booking Agent, Kariba.
Where can you go out fishing and come across a herd of elephants swimming in the lake with impala in the background and the African Fish Eagle calling, whilst you sit on a boat fishing and sipping on an ice cold drink and at affordable rates?   Or where can you go and enjoy a day out with the family on a sand bank where the kids can be free to enjoy the sunshine and swim in the shallows?  Lake Kariba, where else?  Wild Dog Tours specialise in this unique travel destination.  Why not book self-catering family accommodation which gives you privacy as well as a sense of a holiday in Kariba. Come and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and get away from the stresses of life.  We can sort it all for you.       Back to Index

4.  Victoria Falls Safari LodgeVictoria Falls

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge estate is a celebration of Africa, offering an incredible view of the bushveld, which includes a waterhole frequented by elephant, buffalo, kudu and more, and stretches to the horizon where the end of every day is marked by an unforgettable sunset. Its magnificent grounds, which host Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Victoria Falls Safari Club, Victoria Falls Safari Suites and Lokuthula Lodges also offer guests close-up encounters with wildlife like warthog, bushbuck and monkeys.  The Vulture Culture Experience, a supplementary feeding project which aids the survival of these endangered birds and educates visitors on their plight, occurs daily on the property at 1pm and is part of a leading corporate social responsibility programme in the region. Another key project in hospitality group Africa Albida Tourism’s (AAT) corporate social responsibility programme is the protection of wildlife through the co-establishment and support of the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit. The group has also pledged to be free of single-use plastic by 2021, and in 2018 it launched the award-winning Victoria Falls Recycling project where glass, plastics, paper and cans are collected for recycling and upcycling. AAT’s celebration of Africa and social ethos began over a quarter of a century ago with the vision of chairman Dave Glynn, who strived to ensure that the impact of the hospitality group’s operations on the environment, culture and people of Victoria Falls is positive.        Back to Index


5.   Victoria Falls River Lodge, Zambezi National Park, Victoria Falls.
Within the wilds of an African game park, on the banks of a mighty body of rushing water, discover the untamed opulence that invites you to make a little piece of Africa your own. Victoria Falls River Lodge was the first private game lodge to be built in the Zambezi National Park, on the banks of the Zambezi River - so close to the famous Victoria Falls that one can see the spray in the distance. Our luxury five-star suites with world-class amenities offer breath-taking views and secluded privacy. Accommodation is available both on the mainland and built into the trees on a nearby private island. Relax and unwind at the Lodge or seek out adventure in the nearby town of Victoria Falls.     Back to Index


6.  Travel Porfolio - Travel Planner, Harare.
What makes Travel Portfolio unique in Harare is whilst planning your holiday, you can enjoy a cappuccino in our garden under the palm trees, where your holiday begins.  Whilst ensuring safe social distancing and outdoor fresh air and sunshine at the same time.  This is a “one stop travel shop” – not only for local but for regional and international holidays when the borders open – including flights.  We operate with Old-World Values and 21st Century Service, and what makes us more unique is that we like to personally experience what we offer clients – whether it is tracking the Big 5 on foot, or exploring dinosaur fossils.   At Travel Portfolio, travel planning is not just a business or a vocation, it's our passion.        Back to Index


7.  Stretch Ferreira Safaris, Tented Camp & Safaris, Mana Pools

The quality of the professional guiding is what is extraordinary about Stretch Ferreira Safaris. Stretch has been guiding walking safaris in Mana Pools for most of his life, and has a special affinity with the animals of the area - as does his highly experienced and knowledgeable co-guide, Alistair Hull.  Affectionately known as "the two muppets", together they have some 80 years of experience in the safari business.  Winner of many awards, including Zimbabwe's Best Safari Guiding Team in 2019, this is a small, exclusive privately-owned business, offering a very personalised safari experience, tailor-made to the needs of every set of guests.  Walking safely and respectfully in the wild and experiencing close-up encounters with individual animals is the hallmark of Stretch Ferreira Safaris - something once-in-a-lifetime, never to be forgotten.      Back to Index


8.  Safaris 4 Africa Destination Management Company, Harare

At Safaris 4 Africa we specialise in finding you those unique experiences that lend themselves to life-long memories. One suggestion is to stay at the remote and beautiful Ruckomechi Camp in Mana Pools National Park in the heart of the Zambezi Valley. What sets this camp apart from many others is that it offers two unique experiences: the chance to spend a night in the romantic Star Bed which overlooks a busy waterhole; or indulge in the outdoor, candle-lit “bath with a view” with your favourite tipple.  As a knowledgeable Destination Management Company we know of a host of exciting ways to enjoy the Zambezi Valley and look forward to showing you some of them!        Back to Index


9.  River God Adventures - cruising the Zambezi Chirundu to Kanyemba




Cruise down the most wildlife-rich section of the Zambezi River from Chirundu, through Mana Pools to Kanyemba on a custom-made sleeper boat (maximum 8 people) and enjoy an unforgettable 5-day wildlife and fishing experience.  River God Adventures are exclusively licensed to provide this amazing all-inclusive cruising opportunity.  Moor up on islands in the river and sleep aboard in specially designed 2-bed "pods" on the top deck of the vessel. A professional guide can also take guests on walking safaris on larger islands.  This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.        Back to Index


10.  Rhino Safari Camp - Matusadona National Park, Lake Kariba

At Rhino Safari Camp, simplicity is our greatest attribute - allowing guests to relax and refresh with nature, in a comfortable unpretentious setting, with homestyle meals, cold drinks and great company in the fresh air and sunshine.  Enjoy superb views of the drowned forests and vast waters of Lake Kariba and the mountains of the Matusadona National Park in the background.  We are small (14 beds only) and are able to host our guests personally without having to stick to set routines. This close contact allows for a very informal and friendly atmosphere where questions can be asked and answered and stories shared at any time.        Back to Index


11.  Musango Safari Camp - Lake Kariba

Musango is not just a Safari Camp – it has been the Lake Kariba family island home of owners Steve and Wendy Edwards for several decades and holds a carefully catalogued collection of treasures and memories, pre-history (dinosaur fossils found in the area), history, local knowledge and specialist experience. The island is relatively safe from invasion by large (and potentially dangerous) animals and therefore makes the perfect destination for families.  It's also a safe haven for a dozen or more beautiful bushbuck who are frequently spotted during the day resting or feeding in the shady woodland alongside the path.  At night the bolder ones emerge into the lights of the main living area, in expectant anticipation of a few handfuls of grain.  If you are gentle and quiet, they will eat out of your hand!  Kids (of all ages) love this place!        Back to Index


12.  Kavinga Safari Camp - Mana Pools

Kavinga Safari Camp is unusual in its location in the southern part of Mana Pools National Park (away from the Zambezi) but set on a cliff overlooking the magnificent Ruckomechi riverbed with a backdrop of the Zambezi Escarpment mountains.  The area's abundant wildlife is attracted to a waterhole just below the camp, where a cleverly-designed viewing "Hide" built to resemble a termite mound is carefully-sited at the water's edge.  There is safe access to the hide from the camp and the cliff above, and once inside, visitors can enjoy the most incredible close-up photographic opportunities.        Back to Index


13.  Imvelo Safaris - Gorges Lodge & Zambezi Sands River Camp near Victoria Falls and camps in Hwange National Park

How about viewing black eagles soaring in the air at Gorges Lodge and then hiking down into the spectacular gorge?  Or canoeing on the Zambezi in sturdy inflatables in the morning, and then take a private sundowner cruise in the evening from Zambezi Sands River Camp to toast Africa at its best?  Or mountain biking or horse riding down elephant paths in Hwange National Park? With Imvelo, going ‘on safari’ does not have to only be about morning and afternoon game drives, although those are always rewarding as well. Imvelo has striven to create unique activities at each of its properties, so that the different experiences add a whole lot more to the concept of safari.  What makes Imvelo different is our experiential safari circuit – we offer guests the opportunity to explore and safari through the best of Zimbabwe in unique, fun and adventurous ways!  Watch our latest film which really brings to life what an incredible few days with Imvelo Safaris looks like.        Back to Index


14.    Heartveld Adventures - Booking agents & Kariba Specialists.
For Heartveld Adventures it’s not really the “what” that is unique; it’s more the “WHO” that makes us unique. We love Zimbabwe and know that it has many fabulous and unique experiences for every visitor, no matter where they go. We've set out to make that experience personal and tailor-made just for you, and as hassle-free as possible. We take great pride in offering only the best service. Our staff live in Kariba town on the edge of the Lake.  They know the people, the places and the experiences personally.  We've  visited every lodge and location on our website and will only recommend ones that will perfectly suit your travel plans. We've done the ground work and ironed out the problems so that you don’t have to!  Our service costs you nothing extra as we get our commission from the lodges. Best of all, we are passionate about the Zambezi Valley area and we love doing what we do. So book with Heartveld Adventures today!    Back to Index


15.  Camp Mana, Mana Pools.  

All of Mana Pools is magnificent but Camp Mana has a special location on The Zambezi River, set back slightly above the floodplain. This results in us being surrounded by wildlife on all sides and having a constant stream of animals through the camp, both during the day and at night. Our location on an ecotone between the forested terraces and river floodplain is especially good news for birders, because we have an enormous diversity of birds in and around the camp.

The camp is owner-operated, ensuring commitment, a high level of attention to detail, personal hospitality and consistent relationship-building with return guests. We are dedicated environmental conservationists and Camp Mana reflects this ethos. All our camp energy requirements are derived from the sun and we run an old-school, low impact, intimate camp with a minimal environmental footprint. We believe that it is possible to enjoy the bush without destroying it . . . and we aim to set an example in this respect. While we do offer game drives, the emphasis at Camp Mana is on getting involved in the bush through walking safari.      Back to Index


16.  Caribbea Bay Resort, Lake Kariba.
Caribbea Bay Resort is the only hotel of its grandeur style and size located on the shores of Lake Kariba.  It has more in keeping with the blue waters of the Mediterranean than the heart of Southern Africa, and boasts the only artificial beach in Zimbabwe.  The resort is the largest of its kind in the Kariba area, with 83 well appointed rooms, half of which have been upgraded in keeping with modern trends. With its extensive conferencing facilities as well as new "glamping" facilities, Caribbea Bay delivers something for everyone. Its unashamedly Sardinian-style architecture and feel coupled with the great climate where the African sun shines all year round makes Caribbea Bay the perfect destination from which to enjoy a host of water sports including the "Supa Tube", a water slide and sure hit for families looking to create joyous and lasting memories. Check our listing page for current Specials.    Back to Index


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